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  Mr.Scoobs 16:56 03 Jan 2004

hi, latley i have been thrown towards getting an ATI card. i am considering going for the current beast which i belive to be the 9800 xt 256mb. but my main concern with ATI is there driver support and relative issues, i understand that ATI have made a great deal of proggress over the last year with there new cards and viewing various benchamarks can see that ati are out performing the nvidia cards in most areas. but like i said my main concern are driver issues. can any one comment on this subject?? ps this will be my first ati card as i have allways built pc's with nvidia cards. :)

  citadel 18:23 03 Jan 2004

every magazine i have read has said the drivers have now been sorted out. I still like nvidia cards. pci express will put the cat among the pigeons when it comes out.

  Big Elf 18:35 03 Jan 2004

Solid as a rock on my XP system with an ATI Radeon 64MB 9000 card and Catalyst drivers (regularly updated).

  Mr.Scoobs 18:39 03 Jan 2004

yeah i heard about that pci express, but im hoping it will be a while b4 it all kicks off so agp wont be out of date to quick!!!

  QQAA 19:34 03 Jan 2004

I am also thinking of getting a new ATI graphcis card to replaced my NVidia card (GeForce 4 MX)made by Gainward. It was damaged after only about a year's usage and now I am depending on my integrated Intel 845/865 Extreme Graphics (which is not bad actually, if don't play demanding games) to tide me over the next few weeks.

In my opinion, ATI provides far better graphics quality than NVidia in the real world, which those silly benchmark tools would not be able to tell you because everything is about speed and speed. I cannot forget how the double-barrer gun looks so beautiful (in another computer of my family member) while being so ordinary when seen through a NVidia card for the FPS game Serious Sam.

NVidia has been so dominant with their driver implementation and marketing efforts that everyone has taken it for granted that its competitors simply could not catch up (or even overtake) with them in this aspect.

  clayton 19:43 03 Jan 2004

ATI seem to be the card to go for now, but i doubt you need to get one with 256mb of memory, save some cash & get a 128mb card

click here

  dave-jens 20:49 03 Jan 2004

I had an 8MB Rage Pro that I have up graded a year or so ago to a Radeon 7200 64MB. I have just upgraded my motherboard to an 8x agp and win xp. My old Radeon has fitted and worked finee and the latest driver package was available on Win update. I have had no probs with my ATI and will buy again!

  Mr.Scoobs 22:04 03 Jan 2004

yeah i spose this reasures me of what i thought so i think i will get an ATI card. i can understand that 128mb is plenty for the moment, but i want a card now that i can keep for a few years and i reckon in a few years there will be quite a few games out that will make full use of the 256mb memeory. yay or nay?

  AnthonyB 23:06 03 Jan 2004

Well, I've got an ATI Radeon 9000 64 MEG, runs fine, but is 7,589 a good gaming score? (3D MARK 2001 SE)


  Demora 01:07 04 Jan 2004

ATI alway. 2nd computer had an 'All in wonder' in 1996. This one had an nVidia and it stayed there for 2months then I put in the ATI Allin wonder 64. Next PC will have ATI. (I built this pc and intend to build the next one)

NEVER had any problems with the drivers, BUT I did have a small conflict with the dvd player and my dvd rom.

Demora (female)

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