ATI X1950Pro Overclocking = Screen Flicker!

  Air_Man 17:19 29 May 2007


I've got a new Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950Pro 256GB PCI-e graphics card, and one of the reasons I went for it was that it was supposed to be ideal for overclocking.

However, using the ATI Overdrive software, whenever I change any of the OC settings and apply it, my screen flickers, and I have to change the settings back to default. This is instantaneous, and while I can still see everything fine, and use the computer, the flickering makes it unusuable. Even when I run the Automatic Configuration, the OC settings it suggests does the same. There is no time for it to heat up and the temp is a constant 32 degrees C.

I am running at 1600x1200 resolution using a 19" Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 93SB CRT (shock, horror - a CRT ;-) and I have tried adjusting the refresh rate from 60Hz to 70 Hz, but it makes no difference.

I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers and Catalyst software from the website, and also tried the drivers & software that came with it, but it does the same.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Other basic spec:
Abit A9B-Pro mobo
Intel CD E6600 CPU

  citadel 18:01 29 May 2007 have a look at the ati cards forum as there is a "all you need to know ati overclocking bit"
If you upraded from a low spec card you may need a decent psu. one with the 80% + efficiency logo and a top brand.

  Air_Man 19:08 29 May 2007

Thx Citadel,

Will do. My PSU is a Thermalght (brand new with the rest of the components) rated, at I think, 650W.

I'll checkout the site you mention as well.

Thanks again.

  Stuartli 20:21 29 May 2007

A refresh rate of 85mHz is necessary to guarantee a flicker free picture for the majority of CRT monitor users.

  Air_Man 20:35 29 May 2007

Thanks Stuartli, but I've been happily using it for 4 years now without a noticable flicker, and it is still fine until I try the OC'ing of the card.

I'll keep reading up as the site citadel reccommended is a treasure trove of info.

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