ATI Radeon...Yep...Again..

  professor 18:12 31 May 2003

hey ppl

well as some of u know a lil while back i replaced my R9000 with an R9800pro an gave my old card to a what he wants to know is where can he get hold of a Radeon 9000pro BIOS,

he wants to know as,quite rightfully too,the only thing stopping him from getting a R9000pro for free is the BIOS on the R9000 as ATI put a "limiter" in the BIOS of their to stop somone from clocking for example a R9000 to an R9000pro thus is why my mate wants to know where he could get a R9000pro BIOS.

sorry all that is long and probably unclear if it dont make a lot of sence tell me an i'll try to make it clearer.


  AndySD 18:45 31 May 2003

If no one answers I have a link but cant get to the pc its on till tommorrow.

  professor 19:01 31 May 2003

dont look like ne1 else knows...will look forward to ur post tomorrow


  professor 20:06 31 May 2003

u never know do ya?

in case its needed my old Radeon9000 had the following spec:

128Bit Engine

64MB DDR (Running at 200Mhz each =400MHz total)

GPU 250MHz

not sure if the DDR is running at 2.8ns or 3.0ns or 3.3ns. is there any way of finding out by looking that the Board?

and finally I got the DDR on the R9000 running at 215MHz each =430MHz total but I couldnt get the GPU up by even 1MHz but im pretty sure thats due to ATI's "limiter" in the BIOS all the info I got was from powerstrip.

before i end this post ive heard somthing amazing! when the Radeon 9000pro came out people were reporting getting the R9000pro up to a GPU speed of 300MHz and DDR RAM up to about 230MHz each =460MHz total! and as there is NO difference apart from the BIOS "limiter" does anyone know where i could get the original BIOS that was shipped with the R9000 pro? anyway thats all the info on my old R9000 any links an info to do with the Radeon9000 upwards would be greatly appreciated as i find this kind of stuff interesting.


  professor 21:42 31 May 2003

just refreshing the post for u andy jus to make it nice an easy for you to find ;o) look forwars to ur post with that link


  professor 22:42 31 May 2003

just a refresh again andy - probably the last one i'll do tonight

  professor 09:59 01 Jun 2003

yep u guessed it a nice new refresh

  AndySD 10:35 01 Jun 2003

click here

click here

Sorry to say my bois site is gone...still have a great one for nvidia though.

ps who made the radeon card you are looking for the bios to.

  professor 10:44 01 Jun 2003

my old Radeon9000 was made by an "unknown" manufacturer so due to that reason i would guess that the "unknown" manufacturer would of made little if any modifacations onto ATi's reference board.


  AndySD 10:53 01 Jun 2003

unfortunately it does make a difference as some of the manufacturers will use cheaper ram on the boards and set the clock speed lower so it wont cause problems. Has he tried any of the tweakers?

  professor 10:53 01 Jun 2003

when i say "unknown" i mean "unknown" the name of the manufacturer wasnt even on the box!!


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