ATI Radeon TV display clone problems??

  theons100 20:36 07 Jun 2006


I have just replaced my Nvidia GeForce FX5500 graphics card with an ATI Radeon X1600 pro. I uninstalled all of the Nvidia drivers first and have now set it up.

The problem is that I connect my TV as a second monitor (or Clone)using an S-Video lead and have had no problems with the Nvidia board.
However, the ATI board is showing the display on the TV but is only showing in black and white????

Can anyone help with this because i have been on it for the last two hours and it is doing my head in!!
Thanks in advance.

  Grantrh 08:32 08 Jun 2006

Does the s-video lead go into the TV as S-video or do you use a scart converter? If you are using a scart converter, is it properly seated in the back of the TV, as if not this can cause a blck and white picture.

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