ATI Radeon Driver Problem?

  KJ823 08:15 28 Nov 2007

Hi there
A friend of mine is having problems! He has put the hard drive from one PC into another PC and I am guessing the problems are to do with needing to update drivers [I am a novice though!].

There are yellow exclamation marks next to several items in device manager but the initial problem is that he cannot get 256 colours and his ISP [AOL] needs 256 to display properly.

We are able to get online though and I have downloaded Everest. I think I am right in saying the Graphics Card is ATI Radeon 9000 [RV250]. I tried ages last night to find and download a driver for this but didn't seem able to find anything that made a difference. I will be seeing him again tonight and wonder if anyone can suggest anything.


  MAJ 09:53 28 Nov 2007

Have you tried the Catalyst™ 6.11 drivers yet, KJ823? click here

  HCOOH 11:04 28 Nov 2007

catalyst drivers here suggest trying V5.8 first for no particular reason.
click here

  keef66 17:05 28 Nov 2007

You cannot take the HDD complete with it's operating system out of one pc and bung it in another and expect it to work. At the very least you should do a repair install of windows, although my preference would be for a clean install followed by the motherboard drivers and those for the remaining devices including graphics

  Totally-braindead 17:11 28 Nov 2007

keef66 is absolutly right, I don't tend to do this as sometimes it causes problems. I prefer a clean install as well.

For a start if the windows is OEM and you've moved it to a new PC it will fail validation as it is meant to die with the PC it is on.

If its a full version then you can do this but you would need to repair XP and then install the drivers for the new motherboard and then install the graphics card and the other bits and pieces.
And it has to be done in that order.

As I said I don't tend to do this, I prefer to format the drive and start from scratch.

  KJ823 18:43 28 Nov 2007

Thanks everyone, I guess he will need to have a rethink seeing as though it is not just a case of taking the HDD from one PC to the next. I will also tell him about reinstalling windows [he is running Windows 98].
Thanks again

  Totally-braindead 21:48 28 Nov 2007

Since its windows 98 the validation isn't an issue.
I always clean install as I find it easier, others may disagree.

  KJ823 21:51 28 Nov 2007

Hi there
My friend says he has downloaded a driver that means he now gets 256 colours. Even though some of the things in the device manager have yellow exclamation mark next to them, his PC seems to be working [at least for the few applications he uses!]. He seems happy so is leaving it alone for now!
Thanks for everyone's help.

  Totally-braindead 16:37 29 Nov 2007

256 colours means your friend is using a propriety driver, probably one of windows own drivers. If hes happy fair enough but he won't be happy for long as even some webpages will not appear properly on only 256 colours.

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