ATI Radeon 9800SE All-in-Wonder graphics

  Chris12345 21:16 11 May 2004

I am going to buy a new pc and have the option of an ATI Radeon 9800SE All-in-Wonder graphics, or a ATI Radeon 9800 All-in-Wonder graphics card. The 9800SE is £60 less and as I understand it is essentially a full 9800 Pro with four disabled pipelines, and with the all in wonder features.

Is the 9800 worth the extra money?

  Baffled1 21:27 11 May 2004

I wait with baited breath for replies on this one as i had a PC made up with the SE card(i actually specified a AIW 9800 and the shop ordered the SE).I dont know the differences so if anyone knows then feel free to enlighten me.The ATI website does not mention the SE version at all.Also when it came from the shop the TV button was replaced by a Video in button as if the card had no tuner and they had to have a second go at it to get the correct buttons up.

Good luck with whatever you chose.

  dfghjkl 22:45 11 May 2004

also interested

  westdudes 23:00 11 May 2004

SE basically means it takes the amount of memory quoted (128 in this case) from ur ram. the other one the pro version has its own 128 mb ram built on the card, emphasising the greater price.personally id go for the pro....less drain on ur system giving u more to play with :D

  Baffled1 07:23 12 May 2004

Im sceptical about the ram thing.You are basically saying they are producing a video card with no ram on it at all and even my other,4 year old card had 32 MB on it.I'm gonna check it out with some of the suppliers listed in the mag.

  Rigga 08:52 12 May 2004

also, if you buy the 9800SE, and it has the L shaped memory configuration shown in the link below, you should be able to softmod the card to a full 9800 for no extra cost.

Although only half of the softmodded cards run without any artifacts it may be worth trying.

All the details click here


PS This was also posted to your other "Same" thread in 'ConsumerWatch'

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