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Hi can anyone help me i have installed a radeon 9800pro but it seems to have problems playing my games it is like it is not powerful enough to run them i have updated my drivers and tried running it at performance level but it is still no good. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE?

  helmetshine 03:35 06 Jun 2004

Make sure the lead from the PSU is connected properly...also check the rating of your least 300 watts is recommended
Try a reinstall of the drivers...remove the ones you've got from add/remove programs...when you reboot the found new hardware wizard will start...CANCEL out of that...don't install the drivers with the wizard...just double click on the d/loaded drivers and install them that way.
Click dxdiag and click ok...go to display tab and make sure all acceleration is enabled..might as well the test while your there as well.
If it still doesn't work,depending on the age of your PC,you might need to update the BIOS and/or the m/board drivers.Updating the BIOS should be a last resort tho...cos if that goes wrong it's big trouble
Of course it could be a faulty board.

Helmetshine thanks for your halp my psu is a 400 watt one but it is one that came with my case so i think it could be a cheap one. I also have just installed a new motherboard a few days before i have also updated the drivers but not the bios. Where can i find the d/loaded.
My games have also started to cut off to my main desktop. Thank you.

  hugh-265156 18:07 06 Jun 2004

did you reinstall windows after fitting the new motherboard?

did the new motherboard have onboard graphics and if so did you disable them?

as above what version of direct x do you have? most new games require version 9. look at the version reported under the general tab in dxdiag.

have you run the direct draw and 3d tests and where there any errors reported?

what version of cat drivers are you using for the ati card?

also have a look and see if there are there any errors reported in 'control panel/administrative tools/event viewer' under the application and system tabs.

Huggyg71 thank you for help my motherboard does not have an on board graphic card my board is k7n2 delta ilsr. The direct x version that i have is 9.0b yes but there were no errors reported. Sorry to sound stupid but what are cat drivers as you can see i am new to all this!. NO i haven't checked the event veiwer yet will do that now your help is very much appreciated thank you.

  hugh-265156 00:20 07 Jun 2004

sorry my fault

cat = ATI catylast drivers for the graphics card.

look in 'control panel/system/hardware/device manager' and see if 'display adapter' is listed.expand it and you should see 'primary' and 'secondary'

if it is listed as such then your drivers are will also find an entry in add remove programs for the ATI driver and control panel.

if its not listed in device manager as above then it may be listed as an unknown that case you need to install drivers.

if you have not installed the drivers for it from the cdrom click here and get the latest ones.these work with any radeon based card.

I have looked in display adapters and there is a primary and a secondary drive listed and i have also loaded new drivers from the web site that you gave me but still no luck my games still have a stutter. :(

  hugh-265156 00:44 08 Jun 2004

what resolution are you playing your games at and what sort of frame rates are you getting in them?

are you setting the antialising and anisotropic filtering settings in the game menu or via the control panel?

is vertical sync on or off?

what are the games you are having problems with?

what is the rest of your system like? ie/cpu and memory.if you have a slow processor and less than 512mb of ram then a fast graphics card may not be running to its full potential maybe and its being held back by the rest of the system.a lot of games also like a fast cpu.

if you had another brand of graphics card there may be traces of drivers left on your system that may be causing problems.i doubt it but try using driver cleaner click here

after downloading drivercleaner uninstall the ati control panel via add remove programs(dont restart) then uninstall the ati driver from add remove programs and restart the computer in safe mode(tap F8 as windows starts) and run driver cleaner and search for ati and nvidia and let it clean.

restart in normal mode and the re install the ati drivers again.

My screen resolution is 1024/768 32bit. I donot know what my frame rates are how do i find them?

I have left the game settings to what they were with my other graphic card which was a radeon 9200 which played all my games spiffin.

What do you recomend my vertical sync is set to minus at the moment.

The games that i am having problems are UNREAL TORNAMENT 2004 LINE OF SIGHT VIETNAM BATTLFIELD VIETNAM MORROWIND AND GHOST RECON. That is all that i have tried it with at the moment.

My cpu is Atholon XP2800+.333MHZ

Memory is PC3200 DDR SDRAM 400MHZ.512MB

  hugh-265156 22:37 08 Jun 2004

well the rest of your specs are up there with the best of them so you shouldnt be experiencing slow downs with any of these games at 1024x768.

vertical sync i would leave turned on as it stops tearing.turn it off if you want to run a benchmark.

all i can suggest is that you make sure your motherboard chipset drivers are up to date and patch any games you have from the games website to fix any issues they may have.

as above try uninstalling the drivers and run driver cleaner and then re install them again.

huggyg71 thanks for your help it as been wuch appreciated. :)

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