ATI Radeon 9200SE 256MB

  katedi 23:03 23 Sep 2003

Hi there
I am currently looking at a Time base station that claims to have the above graphics card. When I tried to find a review, this graphics card seems to be 128mb not 256.
1. Is there a 256 version of this card and
2. If not, what exactly are Time putting in their machines?

  LastChip 23:24 23 Sep 2003

I have to admit, I can't find any reference to 256MB either. Also, the machines I found on the Time site quoted the 9200 (not 9200se), but in either case, 128MB was the maximum quoted.

All I can think of is, one of three possibilities. Either Time have had these boards produced for their exclusive use, or it is a miss-print, or ATI haven't updated their web site to the latest specs. Perhaps a telephone call or e-mail to confirm would be in order!

  alan 2273 23:30 23 Sep 2003

Saphire make the 9200 Atlantis board which is 256mb

  Mougabi 23:52 23 Sep 2003

Kate There is ATI cards out there with 256mb mem but there not SE models.

go here click here ATI Radeon 9200 256MB

  LastChip 00:02 24 Sep 2003

Maybe Time are using an ATI Radeon 9200 produced by a third party manufacturer, in which case their advertising could be said to be confusing!

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