baig8033 22:20 04 Apr 2003

Recently i bought a ATI Radeon 7000 with S-Video out. I am trying to plug that S-video to my LG TV to watch DVD and to play games. It get connected but the picture is black and white. I have searched ATI website but they say that, "ATI TV OUT capable products do not support TV OUT in native PAL-M and PAL-N formats." But my tele is PAL-I. I have tried everything can anyone please help me..???

  roygbiv 13:57 05 Apr 2003

How did you do it?. I have got a BELKIN cable (F8V351-10m) but have not connected it up yet! Is it as easy as pluging in the cable or is there more to it. Alan

  baig8033 14:02 05 Apr 2003

It would be very simple if you have right driver installed and are connecting with the right cables. when you will connect it and rebot the sysetm it will dedect it itself and your computer POST screen will apear on your tele. If you need the cables go to Maplin. I bought
S-video to Scart cable from there.

  tamc98 16:37 05 Apr 2003

I'm sure you have already done this but make sure you have your scart socket set to S-VHS and not RGB as this will give a black and white image.
HTH. Tony.

  Gaz W 17:25 05 Apr 2003

Does your TV have an S-Video input or do you have to use a SCART adapter? If you are using a SCART adapter, try plugging it into another SCART socket - one is only RGB (usually second/third one), so try using the first one. Also make sure your TV is set on the right "channel". On my TV it's AV1, AV2 and S-Video, but this TV has an S-Video socket.

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