ATI graphics problem

  ollyd1969 09:43 21 Aug 2006

Hi everyone.
I have a desktop which started giving me blue screen despite what I tried - I had misplaced my reload CD so I used another reload CD I had for another machine (different make, same OS).
This recovered things well, except I was left with jerky scrolling - and at start up I get a warning saying ATI control panel was unable to start.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ATI drivers, but this makes no difference.

Any ideas? (I have now found the original reload CD - but I am concerned that I will lose all my data/ software installed if I use it - the PC works fine, apart from the jerky scroll)
Kind regards, and thanks in advance for any advice.

  skell 21:15 21 Aug 2006

download the panel form here here

goto driver/download select your windows version in the left panel select your graphics (radeon i guess) select previous drivers got page 2 select 5.2 driver look for the control panel 2 of 3 low speed download . click and download.

  STREETWORK 22:13 21 Aug 2006

Have you uninstalled all the existing drivers and ATI control panel. You can get a utility to do this from ATI website. Do this first. Then reboot using native windows vga driver. Then reinstall the ATI drivers and control panel. Reboot and it should detect automatically. If it does not, go to hardware details in system from windows control panel, select your display adapter properties and them update the driver. Windows should locate it and install it.

I had the same problems, you may need to experiment with different driver versions from ATI working from the last release backwards until you find a stable one.

  ollyd1969 19:14 28 Aug 2006

Thanks guys for your advice
I have tried it all and no improvement.
It keeps telling me I need to setup my display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running (ATI) SETUP - But I can run in VGA mode from startup quite happily, so I don't know what else I can do with the VGA.

Stuck and frustrated lol

  skell 21:05 28 Aug 2006

it might just be worth backing up all your important stuff and trying with your original reload CD. i know its a pain but it might just work. it certainly sounds like a driver issue but not the g/card driver probably your mobo drivers.

  rdave13 21:36 28 Aug 2006

Your monitor is plug and play. Try disconnecting the monitor and wait for a few seconds then reconnect. Then download the ATI drivers.

  STREETWORK 06:59 29 Aug 2006


Try this:

Delete any ATI software by using the ATI removal tool available from ATI website.

Once you have removed all using this tool, reboot the PC.

When windows detects new hardware, cancel it so that native (windows) VGA drivers willbe used instead.

Now reinstall the ATI control panel, followed by the graphics card drivers.

Reboot the PC and windoes will complete the installation.

Again, you may have to experiment with different driver versions to find the most stable.

  ollyd1969 18:54 03 Sep 2006

Thanks for the efforts guys - still no improvement - it keeps nagging on about a VGA set up 1st, but that is what the PC is already defaulting to.

I am tempted to go with the reload CD - after some serious backing up - lol


  gudgulf 19:13 03 Sep 2006

Have you fully updated Windows since the "reload" ?

The latest versions of the ATI drivers need both Microsoft NET version 1 and .NET version 2 installed for the control centre to run.

Also using the reload from another make of pc might have left you without all the correct motherboard drivers.You might need to identify the motherboard you have and download the latest drivers for your board.

  ollyd1969 15:27 12 Sep 2006

Thanks for your advice guys - I think I will just pluck up the courage to reload with the original CD.

Many thanks

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