ATI graphics driver problem

  wetterfugal © 00:04 11 Feb 2004

I was having trouble caused by my ATI graphics driver, I updated it from the ATI site but it still caused trouble, I was getting a blue screen ‘dumping memory to disk’ it happened every time about five minutes after boot up. I found a workaround by restarting the computer after the initial boot up.

Last month I visited the ATI website and found that the driver had been updated once more but after downloading the driver, deleting the old driver and running the .exe file it could not install the new driver because there was still some trace of the old one.

Back to the ATI site I find that the problem had been discovered and there was a very intricate set of instructions and a download to uninstall the driver and one with information and a further download called ‘atiInsp.exe’ I tried my best but somehow whilst in device manager, I managed to delete not only the ATI driver but the folder ‘Display Adaptor’ (where the display driver should be.

I have tried doing a repair from the Windows XP CD but the folder was not replaced. As a last resort I tried to reformat the drive and reinstall XP but it would not let me format it.
I tried with the XP startup disks but my keyboard would not let me negotiate the menu.

Any ideas?

  hugh-265156 00:21 11 Feb 2004

only format and reinstall xp as a last resort.

maybe you need to adjust a bios setting to enable"usb legacy support" to get the keyboard working up/down/left/right keys working when using the recovery diskette.

try driver cleaner first click here this will remove all traces of the old ati drivers.

ATI drivers have a reputation of being very, very good, however to be this good they have to stick and do they just, a load of new drivers is often not accepted if the older version is still resident, a visit to the following site, a quick download and a run through will extract the old versions after which you can reload the new ones without problems.

click here

Hope this helps.


  wetterfugal © 00:51 11 Feb 2004

Sorry for the delay but I was reading your reply on the BIOS question.

I will certainly try the driver cleaner. I believe that I have USB Legacy support enabled.

My main worry is how to resore the Display Adaptor Folder, the one where you click the plus sign and the dropdown shows the drivers installed. I deleted the ATI driver then I deleted the Display Adaptor folder and I can not replace it.

+Display Adaptor
ATI Driver

ie, I deleted the whole tree.

  wetterfugal © 00:55 11 Feb 2004

Thanks, huggyg71 has just sugested this site but I would like to resore the missing tree in the Device Manager in which the driver goes.

  hugh-265156 01:42 11 Feb 2004

try clicking "view/devices by type"

without the drivers installed device manager will/should have a yellow question mark beside the display adapters(primary & secondary).it may even be listed as an unknown device.

when you install the driver it should be listed then ok.

  Tog 07:16 11 Feb 2004

Does XP have a safe mode? When I deleted the Display folder in 98SE, it was still present in safe mode.

  wetterfugal © 08:48 11 Feb 2004


As I said above, I have deleted the folder and now there is no display adaptors folder for windows to put a question mark against.


XP has a safe mode and I will check it out next time I boot.

Regards, VA

  hugh-265156 13:13 11 Feb 2004

ati driver is kept in c:/windows/system32 and its called ati2mtag.sys.

the folder for for ati control panel etc is in program files and its called "ati technologies" if this is what you deleted then it will reappear when you install the driver.

there are no folders in device manager to delete??

not sure exactly what you mean?

  wetterfugal © 13:51 11 Feb 2004

Before I installed the update driver I was instructed to delete the old driver first which I did. I then I attempted to install the new driver but it would not install because there was some of the old drive still resident. I then decided to start again and re-install the original driver from the ATI installation disk. Then I deleted it again and I still could not re-install.

I tried again but this time (Don’t ask why) I opened Device Manager to delete the ATI driver but of course I had already deleted it and inadvertently deleted the only file referring to display which was the Display (something or other). in which the ATI Driver should go. It was just like deleting all the disk drives and then the Disk Drive folder.

I hope that I have explained the problem more clearly. In the list of devices there is no longer any place to put the driver.

  hugh-265156 14:12 11 Feb 2004

ok.if you right clicked the display adapter in device manager and chose uninstall then this gets should by right be re detected when windows is restarted you say though its not for some reason.

are you using this computer at the moment? if so your graphics card is working in its basic vga mode.thats a good sign anyway that the hardware is/should be ok.are there any errors reported in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer that may help point to the problem?also try start/run type "msinfo32" click ok then click "hardware resourses/conflicts sharing" any problems here?

try driver cleaner from the link above its very good.install it and then restart the computer in safe mode before running it,remove all ati entries found by it(read the readme file for info)then restart in normal mode again and try installing the latest driver click here

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