ATI drivers problem

  Gigs 13:20 11 Oct 2006

I am running Win XP Pro and a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis with 128MB DDR memory.
I have recently started to get a lock up sometimes as early as log-on or sometimes after a few minutes. After resetting, by holding in the start button, everything is OK until I switch off and use the computer the next time.
Another symptom is that System Restore will only store one day and no more. There is plenty of memory and it is set to the maximum. Suspecting video card drivers I have downloaded and installed the latest together with the Catalyst Control Centre. I also installed a temperature check, MBM5, which shows the case to be 31C and the CPU 45C.
I disabled the auto start and the latest lock up produced the following blue screen:
"The problem seems to be caused by the file ati2vag.
The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop.
Tech. Info. STOP: 0x000000EA,0x86AA26D8,0x86B163D8,0xF7323CB4,0x00000001.
Beggining dump of physical memory
Physical memory dump complete"
Can anyone interpret this for me please and suggest a solution>

  woodchip 13:35 11 Oct 2006

If there is a Fan on the Graphics card it may be failing. Also PSU can give the same symptoms

  Gigs 14:48 11 Oct 2006

Hi woodchip
Would either of those thing s account for the blue screen warning?

  woodchip 15:27 11 Oct 2006

Yes they can

  Gigs 15:31 11 Oct 2006

Thanks woodchip. I will check the graphics card fan. I haven't got another PSU but will have to upgrade.
Thanks again.

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