ATI Drivers.........

  Sketch 16:50 30 Jun 2003

I have a 'Gigabyte Maya2 Radeon 9700 Pro' g-card and recently bought a magazine due mostly to the fact that it contains newer drivers, however, I have no idea which ones I am after.... Heres why...

The different drivers on the disc are labeled as follows:

ATI Radeon Catalyst v3.4 (7.88)

ATI Powered Catalyst v3.4 (7.88)

The thing is, my card is associated with both these labels. It IS a 'Radeon' card, however, it IS powered by ATI..... not manufactured by.....
so which to use?



  A15 17:03 30 Jun 2003

I don't think it matters which one's you use. Built by or powered by it's still a Radeon chip on your card, just put together /labelled/boxed/built under licence by a different manufacturer.

  Smiler 17:48 30 Jun 2003

Isn't there an installation manual on the disc to tell you how to install the correct drivers. Usually it's an Adobe Acrobat file.
It is usual to have to remove previous drivers from your system then install card then drivers from disc.

  Rayuk 18:23 30 Jun 2003

You have a Gigabyte card so you instal the ATI Powered drivers.
ATI Radeon are for their own built cards.

Usually they have them as
ATI powered drivers or ATI Built drivers.

If you run two monitors you may have problems with these drivers[also vers.3.5 drivers which are now out]

  wetterfugal? 23:19 30 Jun 2003

I updated my Radeon 9700 drivers by going to the ATI website support. The site will check your drivers and if they need updating it will inform you. the download is self extracting and installs itself.

  Totally-braindead 23:58 30 Jun 2003

I have the Gigabyte Maya Radeon 9000 and updated my drivers to the latest from Ati just after Xmas, reason being I found that a couple of games I'd bought just wouldn't work with the card using the original drivers supplied with the card. I downloaded the latest driver from Ati, for cards with the Ati chipset but not built by Ati and guess what? The games still wouldn't run. After much frustration, screaming, cursing and general wanting to smash things I downloaded the driver created before the latest one, if you can follow what I mean and voila, all the games worked. I can only assume that there is something about my card that didn't like the latest Ati driver. I don't know about yours but if it doesn't like the latest driver try back tracking.

  Klondyke_Pete 00:54 01 Jul 2003

Try going to click here and download the LATEST drivers for your 3.5

It's worth a thought

  Sketch 17:51 01 Jul 2003

The card is crap. Seriously. I've had enough.

Shortly after installation of the card my system would power out for no obvious reasons and reboot. So I look around and am advised to upgrade the PSU. 40 quid later my machine is running 400W and still no joy.

I try to upgrade the driver from those on the disc only to find that there is a fault with the drivers..... and when I tried to reinstall my old drivers that came with card, they wouldn't take either! (&^*&(*&)^*

I did not pay near three hundred quid to deal with this. Nor for such an absurd amount of money do you expect it.

Back to Nvidia I go.

1.5 years on a Geforce 2MX and no trouble whatsoever, with card or drivers.

It really makes you think about the worth of some of these things. I have a budget Creative Soundblaster 4.1 Digital which retails at about 20 quid and that is still humming away quite happily.

400 quid for a FX5900, no thank you..... I think I'll stick with the humble Geforce 4......



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