Is 'ATI Catalyst Control Centre' harming my PC?

  sarahjacintha 01:21 30 Apr 2013

Hello again,

I have a Lenovo PC AMD 350 processor (4gb) - this info means nothing to me, but it might to you. My operating system is Windows 7.

I wrote before about printers and a little bit about the ticking sounds which now and then plague my computer before it freezes - given that it's only about a year old this has worried me in the past. I was advised (on this forum) that it might be indicative of a failing hard drive. I probably should've returned it while it was still under warranty - but I didn't.

Haven't had the clicking for a few days, even though I've been using the computer a lot, but recently a new problem has emerged. If I have two tabs open (Firefox - I can't get along with I.E. at all, sorry) and one of the tabs is a 'Youtube' clip and the other is a web page that I'm just reading (no fancy graphics / games /videos etc) sometimes all the tabs will disappear and I'm left looking at my Desktop. They re-appear about 10 seconds later, but I'm worried about why and how this happens.

Anyway, I looked at 'Review your Computer's Status' in the Control Panel and noticed that my problem might be down to running 'Windows Defender' and 'Kaspersky Internet Security Suite' simultaneously - they both detect spyware, apparently and were possibly getting in each others way and slowing down the computer. I managed to turn off Windows Defender and hoped it might be the end of my woes, but no.

So further digging produced another message: Kaspersky, which runs automatically on start-up is probably slowing down my 'booting up' time and did I want to wait till I'd booted up my PC and turn it on then? I left it as it is, as I don't feel confident messing with my PC's security, even though 'booting up' is taking about 3 minutes these days.

However, another contender for the problems is: 'ccc.exe / ATI Catalyst Control Centre'. From what I've read some people say that this program is necessary and others say that it is not necessary and causes delays and problems. What would you advise? Should I uninstall ATI/ ccc.exe? Is it likely to be causing serious problems (the intermittent ticking; the sudden disruption of internet activity; the slow boot up time)?

I don't play computer games but I watch a lot of 'Youtube' clips. 'My Computer' has it that on the 'Hard Disc Drives': Local Disk (C) I have 392 GB free of 440 GB available. If I have all this free space why can't my PC handle two tabs at a time? Sorry for the convoluted post, but wanted to explain things fully.

Hope you can help,


  chub_tor 01:53 30 Apr 2013

To answer your headline question, no the ATI catalyst control centre will not harm your pc, it's function is to allow you to tweak your graphics card settings and is useful if you are into overclocking or wish to be specific about the colours shown on your monitor. You can do without it and removing it will make little difference to your pc. It will not be the cause of your hard drive clicks.

  sarahjacintha 12:19 30 Apr 2013


Thank you for replying. At least I know it won't be the ATI thing.

I think if I have any more 'ticking' and 'internet disappearance' for want the correct of technical terms, I'll probably take it in to a repair place.


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