ATI 9600 Vs. nVidia 7600GT

  splatter 11:49 26 Aug 2006

OK, so its not actually a question of which will win in a benchmark test...but what is the nVidia 7600GT like? The particular model in question is: click here and should go well with the shiney new kit I should also be getting: click here

So to that end can you comment on both bits of kit please...


  phoenix198 12:20 26 Aug 2006

Couldn't access your second link, but the 7600GT is generally reckoned to be the best bang per buck current generation PCI-E card in the mid-price (£90 - £110) range. Definitely outperforms an ATI 9600 (two generations older, AGP card) or even the ATI X1600.

The particular 7600GT your looking at is an 'all the bells and whistles' version, and you might be better off going for a fairly vanilla version at a considerable price saving - say the one BFG 3DFuzion GeForce 7600 GT click here for £88.07

  gudgulf 12:30 26 Aug 2006

The 7600GT is just about the best bang for buck graphics card out there..... and will make a good job of just about any game,even managing the likes of F.E.A.R. and Oblivion at half decent settings.Remarkable for a card at this price point.

Unfortunately that card is a PCI-express one and I think the motherboard needs an AGP graphics card click here

Put simply the card you link to wont will have to get an AGP equivalent which seems to be the 7600GS model click here which is not as fast but still a decent card.

Now as for the rest of your upgrade kit...nothing wrong with a P4 3.2GHz,it will takle just about anything you throw at it........not the fastest thing in the Benchmark tests but perfectly ok in the real world (care to guess what cpu I have,lol)

BUT....only 256MB of RAM included, and only 2 RAM slots for upgrade on the motherboard.You need at least 1GB these days to cope with games and all your other you need to budget for more RAM.

  splatter 14:15 26 Aug 2006

gudgulf I already have 1GB of RAM so thats not problem. Its a good job that you pointed out the motherboard not having a PCI-E slot...the reason for this though is simple:I linked to the wrong kit. The kit I was looking at was: click here which comes with a 2.6ghz processor instead of the 3GHZ. Though lets face it, with a bit of proper cooling (liquid? though not now) it could be clocked to 3GHZ (and beyond).

  GaT7 14:38 26 Aug 2006

Cybermaxx recently posted click here an AGP 7600GT at click here. You may get it for a little less if you look around. G

  GaT7 14:41 26 Aug 2006

It's a Leadtek GeForce 7600GT btw - 5th card from the top. G

  gudgulf 22:23 26 Aug 2006

That new link to the kit you are thinking of DOES have you would be ok with the 7600GT you linked to originally.

You might be better getting the upgrade bundle and checking what's actually in the box BEFORE sending off for a graphics card.Just to be sure of what you have!

Incidentally the Pentium D805 is a demon overclocker click here

  splatter 13:46 31 Aug 2006

Thanks guys for the feedback, will let you all know how it goes when/if I order the kit next week.

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