athlon64 3200/3400 vs pentium 4 3.0 GHz

  comocho 00:57 15 Apr 2004

I'm still somewhat confused with the advantages of the athlon64 compared with the pentium 4.
first of all, why do they both more or less run at the same speeds? since apparently, the athlon has a 1600FSB? and is 64 bit?

there's been also speculation about AMD changing it's CPU pin number in the near future. (no more upgrades...) and is it only the Athlon FX51 that uses special ram? (does the 3200/3400 support DDR400?) is the 3400 worth the extra price?

I would appreciate some help since my old computer is about to fall apart, and I would like to get something to last a while. PLus I don't really know much about AMD

  Gaz 25 01:03 15 Apr 2004

1) AMD or Intel?

Well its personal preferance really! Both offer simalar performance.

2) 3200 + and 3400+ support DDR?

Yes they do, as far as I know. Long as the motherboard does! I built a 3200+ machine last week with an ABIT nobo and Corsair 400DDR.

3) 3400 worth the extra price?

Nope. Stay with 3200+ until a 3800 comes out, then the 3400+ will be much cheaper.

  dez fowler 01:14 15 Apr 2004

If you want to do bulk encoding or decoding of files such as you might do for video editing then go for a Pentium, for everything else get the Athlon

  dez fowler 01:17 15 Apr 2004

Athlon64 is a 64bit processor, Pentium is only 32bit

The FX-51 isn't worth the extra money, the 3400 is better

If you dont know what 64bit is then you should be looking at an AthlonXP

Probably wont be any good until something like windows longhorn arrive's which should support 64-bit CPU's. XP does have a special download that enable's 64 bit support, but to be honest 64-bit isnt worth it at the moment, just wait for the prices to drop a bit.

What is your current system at the moment may i ask....?

  Gaz 25 03:18 15 Apr 2004

Latest Athlon chips tend to use HyperTransport.

Only a few though and the fast 3200+ / 3400+ models.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:22 15 Apr 2004

64 bit is only useful for large networks and even then the benefits are more down to advertising rather than experience. There is NO difference between 64 bit and the rest of the herd and you would have to be an electronics professor to notice the difference between athlon64 3200/3400 and pentium 4 3.0 GHz.


  comocho 21:48 16 Apr 2004

what about the heating? I hear that AMD has a heating problem. (or at least slightly worse than the pentium.)

as for there being no difference between 32 and 64 bit, how can there not be? The difference between 16 and 32 was huge. and now since clock speeds are maxing out, fsb, cache memory, and processor size must be important.

what I just can't understand is how the athlon 64 is almost even with the pentium 3.2, even with double the FSB (1600), 1mb cache and a 64 bit processor. Is that only because it's using a 32 bit o/s?

  temp003 05:46 17 Apr 2004

Why are the Athlon 64 3200+ and 3400+ "almost even" with the Pentium4 3.2GHz (even with 1MB cache, enhanced "FSB" and 64 bit)?

That's why they are called 3200+ and 3400+. The clock speeds of the Athlon64s are only 2GHz and 2.2GHz respectively, but manage to be (overall) as good as a P4 running at 3.2GHz (a 1GHz difference in clock speed!). That's the gain made by the improved architecture of the Athlon64.

But you can basically ignore the 64-bit advantage as your OS is a 32-bit OS. That's really something for the future, but it's not something you count against the new CPU.

There is strictly speaking no FSB. The memory controller is built into the CPU, reducing latency in communication between CPU and memory. Naturally the speed of communication is still limited by the speed of the memory - with DDR400 it's 400MHz.

AMD sockets - yes there will be a new socket with 939 pins. This will be the mainstream platform in the foreseeable future for AMD. This will support dual channel non-ECC memory.

Currently the Athlon FX on socket 940 supports dual channel memory, but only ECC memory - expensive. Socket 754 only supports single channel. Both platforms will continue (as enthusiast and budget ends).

It seems the Athlon 64s are rather good with gaming, while P4 still has the advantage with hyperthreading, and particularly in media encoding/decoding. No black and white.

If you want to get Athlon 64, wait for socket 939 to come out.

  comocho 14:12 17 Apr 2004

thanks that was really helpful, although I just read that the AMD 3000+ Athlon 64 has a 3GHz clock speed as well as hyper threading support..

click here

I'm pretty sure I must be missing something but......

  temp003 14:29 17 Apr 2004

An Athlon 64 3000+ cannot have a 3GHz clock speed. The whole point about AMD's performance rating (comparing itself to a Pentium 4 clock speed), is that it doesn't need the same clock speed of a P4 of to achieve similar performance.

That page on your link is a mistake.

From the same website:

click here

click here

click here

Athlon 64 supports HyperTransport (an AMD thing), not hyperthreading (Intel). They are different things.

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