athlon1800 to sempron 3000 advise please

  standing bull 11:38 24 Jan 2008

hi all,i would like to upgrade my system which is as follows:
asus a7n8x deluxe mb
athlon 1800 1.5ghz
nvidia 6600gt
1 gig ram
from what i can find out my mb will take the sempron 3000 2.2ghz socket a,which i have found on the internet,i would also add another 1 gig ram,total cost about £100,advise and comments about is it worth it,and would i notice the difference,i use the pc mainly for gaming,thanks in advance

  howard64 12:11 24 Jan 2008

you will notice the difference with the ram but not with the cpu change. A Sempron is the cut down slightly crippled Athlon I believe. It might even be slower. My advice would be to get the extra ram and try that first. Your system is also getting fairly old and is not really worth spending a lot on.

  keef66 12:41 24 Jan 2008

You're in the same boat as me; Athlon XP2100+, 1gb ram and a 6600 vanilla.

Honestly, it's not worth trying to upgrade it.

The Sempron would be a sideways step, you'd possibly see a slight improvement in loading times with an extra gig of ram, and if you were to get a faster AGP graphics card it would cost a lot more than the PCI-express equivalent, and could end up being bottlenecked by the cpu. You might also find you needed a better power supply to run it.

I'd put the money towards a new base unit based on a core 2 duo and an 8800gt graphics card.

  standing bull 13:41 24 Jan 2008

thanks both ,advise taken ,will start saving my pennies,lol

  paul€ 13:45 24 Jan 2008

Consider going for something like click here I know it has onboard graphics but you could go upto a PCI-E graphics card when you can afford it.

This has 2Gb of ram but no onboard graphics. It does have a PCI-E slot here and it's a dual core cpu.

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