athlon xpm 2500 nf7-2 v.1

  handy4x 22:11 17 Feb 2005

hi i have just bought he above motherboard and it refuses to recognise my cpu corectly i have flashed thebio etc and it only reports a multiplyer of 6x and says it is a xpm 600 there seems to be no option inthe bios for changing the multiplyer even though the manual says you can if the cpu is not locked as this isnt as i could change it onthe old motherboard
help if i up the fsb to 200 1 get a1200 cpu but it is unstable and this boad is supost to be overclockable !!!! help ps a athlon2000 seems to work ok but canot alter he multipler

  hugh-265156 22:38 17 Feb 2005

is this your mobo? click here the pdf manual says page not displayed when i tried to have a look sorry.

the fsb should be 166mhz and the multiplier should be x11 i think if you can change it..

  @[email protected]!c 23:25 17 Feb 2005

havent looked into it yet but i presume there is a jumper on the mother board you have to change for the fsb.look in the manual..forgive me if you have allready tought of this..regards karl

  @[email protected]!c 23:38 17 Feb 2005

when i download the pdf on your board it locks up!! so im may start another thread..beacause of you!! :0)thanks..lolage

  @[email protected]!c 23:40 17 Feb 2005

if anybody else would like to try it click here

  dan11 00:23 18 Feb 2005

Which section of the bios are you trying to alter the settings. Are you using the soft menu?

What is your cpu? Is it the 2500+ barton?

  handy4x 07:09 18 Feb 2005

thanks for the responce
1 the abit site is verry slow and confuseing and it tookme 4 atempts to download the pdf before i bought the board
2 the cpu is a mobile athlon
3 yes using the soft menu their is no other adjustments in for fsb etc anywhere else as i can see

  dan11 08:11 18 Feb 2005

Ah. It's a mobile athlon!

This will have a low clock speed, until it is put under pressure. Then it will increase the clock speed to cope with the work. At tick over it should be around the 1.0 gig mark. So that should be easy.;-)

In the soft menu, set the fsb to 166Mhz. This will give you 166 X 6 = 996Mhz or nearly the 1 gig.

If the fsb will not change, then put system performance to optimal.

The reason it does this is because when the computer is ticking over, the cpu is wound down, this stops strain on the cpu and cuts down on the heat given off.

Then boot to windows. Check in control panel > system. It should be registering 1 gig ( ticking over). The go and put the computer to some heavy work, then pop back to see the cpu clock speed increase. It should go to it's maximum of 1.833Ghz.

  georgemac © 08:41 18 Feb 2005

click here try the amd processor support forum - there is a lot of specialist help there

the only motherboards that fully support the xp-m mobile cpu's are the dfi lanparty motherboards

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