Athlon XP2500

  taffyal 17:08 28 May 2007

I've an X2500 cpu in my PC- it only shows as 1.25gig- I thought it was a 1.8gig Can anyone say if anythings wrong? Cheers.Al

  bremner 17:55 28 May 2007

You have the CPU BIOS settings incorrect.

The XP2500 has a multiplier of 11 and an FSB of 166Mhz = 1.83GHz

  Totally-braindead 18:10 28 May 2007

I had a XP2500 before I changed PCs and I can confirm that 1.83ghz is the speed mine was set at.

  taffyal 18:21 28 May 2007

Went into cpu bios, nothing would move!

  taffyal 18:22 28 May 2007

Pressed wrong Button!!! nothing would move except chaged speed from 100 to 133. Now shows 1.66gig!!

  Totally-braindead 18:26 28 May 2007

Do you know make and model of motherboard?

  taffyal 18:28 28 May 2007

not sure make, but it says on Belarc ECS K7S5A 1.0

  taffyal 19:04 28 May 2007

In CPU bios setup, says Cpu brand AMD K7, Type Athlon XP, CPU speed 133/133, Core voltage 1.74, CPU frequency 133, Dram frequency 133. The speed is in white, & will change 100/100, 100/133, 133/133. Cannot change anything but speed.. Strangely, when I fitted it months ago, it read correctly. Only noticed it had changed today.
Off for some tea now, perhaps be better in 1/2 anhour!!

  woodchip 19:08 28 May 2007

Check for jumpers on the Motherboard to change it

  cream. 19:43 28 May 2007

A ECS K7S5A 1.0 only has a maximum fsb of 133mhz. So you cannot run it at full speed.

1.6625Ghz will be the fastest it will run at i.e 12.5 X 133mhz.

  taffyal 20:06 28 May 2007

It now shows as an XP2000, with 1.6. Funny though, when I first fitted it,(bought it 2nd hand with the mobo) I'm sure it said 1.8! Mind you, a long time ago, & memory (mine!) not what it was!! Time to turn off, I think, & have a glass of something cool & black!! thanks all, Cheers, Al.

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