Athlon XP2000+/1.67GHz and Speedfan 4.28 Help pls?

  AngeTheHippy 09:52 18 Jul 2006

Morning Chaps,
In this tropical heat we're having, I'm concerned that this PCs getting too hot - I've been shutting down for the afternoons when weather at hottest. I installed a bit of s/w Speedfan 4.28, which indicates the temperature inside - currently it's reporting::
Fan 1: 5357RPM - Temp 1: 32 degrees C (with a green tick beside it)

Fan 2: 2711RPM - Temp 2: 50 degrees C (with a small fire(!!)beside it instead of a tick.

Now, I've tried to find the 'safe' operating temperatures for this processor, but can't find anything.

Please can you tell me whether I should shut down NOW, or ignore? Anyone know safe temperatures?


  brundle 10:43 18 Jul 2006

50 is safe. athlons can withstand 75-90 before burning out.
get cpu model number (if speedfan doesnt display that info) click here
cpu info here - click here

you will be able to find out the max temp the die can withstand.
if the temp creeps to 60+ switch off to be on the safe sid

  AngeTheHippy 12:11 18 Jul 2006

I'll look at these sites.


  keef66 13:13 18 Jul 2006

I have an Athlon XP 2100+ @1.7ghz. In theory it's OK up to 95c, but I suspect running at that temp would shorten its life.

Speedfan reports it at about 50c at the moment. In Speedfan I just changed the threshold temp for the warning symbol to 70c, so now the 50c reading has a nice green tick too.

I think I have a setting in the bios too which will shut it down if temps exceed 70c

  AngeTheHippy 22:37 18 Jul 2006


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