Athlon XP Upgrade

  Gaz W 02:15 06 Sep 2004

Since they are going to discontinue the Athlon XP (and Duron) and replace it with the Sempron (I'm talking about the socket A version of it, not the socket 754 one) I thought it might be a good idea to get my hands on the top Athlon XP (3200+ Barton core with 400MHz FSB) before it disappears altogether. This is of course if it goes down in price before disappearing!

I'm aware there isn't much in it performance wise, just a faster FSB and slightly higher clock speed, but it's going to leave me with a spare 2600+ Barton Core 333MHz FSB.

If I could install this in my older PC (Athlon XP 1600+) it would be good, but the motherboard is only 266MHz FSB. There is a BIOS update to support up to the 2100+ and that's as high as it goes.


The board I have (Abit KR7A-RAID) does seem to have quite a lot of overclocking options in the BIOS - the FSB goes up to 166 and 200 (x2 to make 400) from the default 133 (x2 = 266), so theoretically OK there. The multiplier (default 10.5) goes up to x13 and an option (Over x13) is available... what I'm asking is - would it work and would it do my board any good. If it's going to overheat it and ruin it I obviously won't even attempt it! However, if more cooling is all that's required it might be worth it to give this PC a bit of a performance boost.

Anyway sorry for the long posting - I hope someone out there can give me some advice...

Thanks in advance,


  961 10:13 06 Sep 2004

IMHO the difference between the existing 2600 processor and the 3200 jobby is marginal.

On that basis it's better to wait for a new motherboard bundle at much higher speeds and leave the old 1600 as it is just now

  Gaz W 11:10 06 Sep 2004

Although the difference in clock speed is marginal, you do get a higher FSB speed out of an XP 3200+, and I thought that while they are still available I'd get one, meaning I could also upgrade my older computer if the motherboard would accept it. I'm not ready to upgrade my faster PC with a new system just yet, as I've only had it a year. If I upgrade it, I would be getting two upgrades for the price of one if the 1600+ can be upgraded.

Anyway as I said in my original post, the board will unofficially support an FSB speed of 200 (x2 = 400MHz), or at least according to the BIOS. The best I can do at the moment is have a look through the motherboard manual and see if there's any mention of overclocking in there.

Has anyone had any success overclocking a KR7A-RAID to take faster processors than it's supposed to?

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