Athlon XP Speed has Changed

  musopoet 14:02 02 Aug 2005

I'm using a Athlon XP 1700 but after receiving my PC back from a local store my PC now boots up and informs me that it is a 1100.

How do I put this right?

The store had provided a check-up and inserted a new graphics card to enable me to play recently purchased games. May they have adjusted something?

  Smiler 14:22 02 Aug 2005

Sounds like the multiplier has been changed in the bios. so you will need to go in ther and change it back to get your full speed from the processor.
What mobo is it and what is the speed of the processor?

  PC Bilbo 17:06 02 Aug 2005

If it's the Palomino chip, it should run at 1470Mhz
and FSB will be 266MHz so your mobo FSB should be 133Mhz (Processor multiplies x 2) and multiplier will be x 11.0.

If your FSB is set by jumper on mobo you will need to change jumper pins manually.If you paid a shop to set up , I would take back & get them to do what you paid for!

  musopoet 15:07 03 Aug 2005

Sorry; what is a multiplier and what is a mobo?

The speed of my processor - as stated in my first message - used to be 1700mhz

  keith-236785 16:34 03 Aug 2005

mobo = motherboard or mainboard,

multiplier is just that, it takes the FSB and multiplies it by whatever it is set to, this determines the processor speed.

you need to enter the bios and change the fsb from 266 to 333mhz to get the correct speed back.

good luck

  musopoet 16:49 03 Aug 2005

Thanks for that - but how do I access the bios and then the fsb - if I correct this will I still be able to play games - I'm wondering if the store set the fsb differently to enable me to play games.

  User-312386 16:54 03 Aug 2005

Looks like the store lowered the fsb in order that your graphics card could work

Take it back to the store

  keith-236785 15:24 05 Aug 2005

might be an idea to take it back to the shop and ask them to change it for you, there should be no reason for them to lower the fsb for a graphic card, unless they are trying to palm off a faulty card that will work at a lower fsb.... sorry if i appear sceptical but...

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