athlon xp and memory

  dereek-289933 18:21 16 Jun 2003

i have an abit at7-max 2 mobo which supports 400ddr i am running an athlon xp 2400 with 266 fsb[ddr]/if i fit 400ddr memory sticks will they conflict with the athlon?the reason for asking is that the most i can run the athlon at is 1.87 when it should run at current memory is pc 1600 which i believe is causing the problem. can anyone advise please?

  Rayuk 19:31 16 Jun 2003

Unless you are going to overclock your fsb[memory and cpu]it is best to run 266 with PC2100 333 with PC2700 and 400 with PC3200 otherwise you are going to get a bottleneck at the cpu.
But at the same time if you are going to be upgrading board and cpu in the near future then you could use higher memory for now.

  dereek-289933 20:09 16 Jun 2003

well rayuk it looks like i have boobed because i have just upgraded the mobo and then bought the cpu according to the spec in the manual which states 266 as the maximum fsb.however on the abit website it states that the at7 max2 mobo supports a 333 fsb.obviously only one fact can be true,question is,which one?i understand your point about the bottleneck so that must be the reason that i can't set the cpu to rated speed in the bios because when i try the system will only partly boot,repeating itself over and over again.

  Rayuk 21:01 16 Jun 2003

Do you have the latest bios on your board??

  dereek-289933 22:06 16 Jun 2003

yes rayuk latest bios went in like a dream for a change

  Rayuk 09:18 17 Jun 2003

Looking at specs for the board it says
Duron up to 1300 [which means top multiplier of 13]
Athlon 100/133 up to 1400 [you cannot definately say what multiplier as 1400 x 100 = 14 but 1400 x 133 = 10 1/2]

Your 2400+ at 266[133] is giving 1.87 which is 14 x 133 = 1862 whereas you need the 15 x multiplier

All very confusing

Is there not an option in the bios to change cpu fsb and multiplier ??

  dereek-289933 19:12 17 Jun 2003

yes rayuk there is an option to increase the multiplier,it goes up to x25 but when i enter 15 the system will not boot completely,it just keeps recycling.

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