Athlon xp

  jerryj 16:31 11 Jul 2003

What is the difference between the athlon xp 2600 oem and the athlon xp 2600 ret. Also is the 2600 better that the 2500.

  TJ Macintosh 16:36 11 Jul 2003

OEM means, that u will get bare processor, on its own, with no manals of fans or heatsinks (u have to buy seporatly). Retail means u get all da above wiv the processor. The 2600 is better than the 2500, as the 2800 is bettaer than the 2700.

  bremner 17:31 11 Jul 2003

What TJ says is generally true when comparing like with like.

However the 2500+ with the Barton core is better than the 2600+ with the Thoroughbred core as can be seen here click here. Just be sure what type you are looking at.

  woodchip 17:42 11 Jul 2003

But you need the correct motherboard to run the Barton

  jerryj 21:25 11 Jul 2003

Could i run the 2500+ barton on an abit kd7s motherboard

  goonerbill 21:27 11 Jul 2003

as bremner said look at what ya getting, as there are 2 2600+'s, thoroughbred and barton and both have 166(333mhz)fsb

  Quiller. 21:30 11 Jul 2003

If you buy the retail boxed version. You should get it with the heatsink and fan. Plus you will get a 3 year warranty.

With the oem version you will just get the cpu. I cannot remember if you get a 90 day or 1 year warranty with this. I have never had to claim on the oem version anyway.

  temp003 07:02 12 Jul 2003

click here It says the latest bios supports 2600+ Barton.

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