athlon xp 64 Vs normal athlon

  jagx400 21:42 16 Dec 2004

I have an Athlon 2800 xp cpu and am thinking of upgrading my mobo and cpu I can afford the Athlon 64 bit 2800, would I notice any speed differance over the standard cpu, Backing up the odd dvd and photo manipulation

  TomJerry 21:50 16 Dec 2004

you get 64 bit operating system (Win64 is still in beta) and 64 bit application softwares (do not think you can find any yet).

if you have some money and want to improve performace, one way is upgrade RAM to 1GB, and then get two fast identical hard disk and configure them as RAID 0 setup (disk tasks are divided between them, so almost twice as faster).

  jagx400 22:09 16 Dec 2004

What if I go up to an Athlon xp 3200. my current mobo is MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL MS-6570

  Sion 22:11 16 Dec 2004

a A64 2800 is faster than a XP2800. If your going to upgrade, go for A64 route, don't opt for getting a newer XP.

  gudgulf 22:18 16 Dec 2004

Nominally faster but I doubt you would see noticable improvement *unless* you are in to gaming or video editing/encoding where cpu power is very important.TomJerry is spot about ram.....there more the merrier .I have 1.5GB to cope with the demands of multiple log-ons and the latest games.

  woodchip 22:19 16 Dec 2004

What you need to ask, is what do I want to upgrade it for as your setup is or should be fast enough for any PC requirements, as it is.

  jagx400 22:26 16 Dec 2004

Thanx for the advise, might go down the Ram route and buy myself a 17" tft monitor instead, gonna leave the thread open a little longer, see what comes up

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