Athlon XP 3200+ now a 2500+???

  ptrafc 18:15 17 Jul 2005

My PC is just over 12 month old, and it was bought with a AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Processor installed. I have recently been swapping RAM sticks in mobo, and now it's saying I have a 2500+ installed!! I noticed this on startup, and I have double checked in System properties and with a few other programs which display my processor type. Could I have accidentally knocked a wire or something inside? I don't understand how it would say this otherwise.
Thanx for any help.

  dan11 18:26 17 Jul 2005

It has probably changed the front side bus ( fsb ) down to 166Mhz from 200Mhz.

We would need to know the motherboard make and model. It would also help if you knew the speed and size of the ram sticks. Speed usuall comes marked as pc2100, pc2700 and pc3200. The most popular models.

  ptrafc 19:01 17 Jul 2005

My mobo is an ASUS A7N8X DELUX ATX MB-FSB400, DDR400, PC3200.
I recently upgraded the RAM from 2x256 sticks to 2x1gb sticks from Crucial, however after installing them I got frequent crashes in games. Crucial told me that there are know issues like this with my mobo, and advised I changed them from 200Mhz to 166Mhz like you said, or change one of the RAM sticks into another slot so that they run at single channel instead of dual channel. I currently have them set at 166Mhz. So what you're saying is this is what has caused it?? Would it be better for me to run them at 200Mhz, single channel?

  Rayuk 19:08 17 Jul 2005

My advice send the 2x1Gb sticks back as they are not compatable with your board.
I had this board ver2 and it is still running Corsair2x512Mb PC3200 [a 2500+ overclocked to 3200+] with no problems.
Do you actually need 2Gb?and were they bought as a matched pair to run in dual channel mode.
This board is a little picky with memory I know.

  ptrafc 19:20 17 Jul 2005

I was assured by Crucial that these sticks were compatible with my board, this is the search I made at Crucial, and I even emailed them to double check:
click here
I have the 1GB stick shown at the top of that list.
I originally bought just a single 1GB stick, since I wanted to be able to use more that 1.5Gb in future. I eventually bought another, exactly the same - that's where the problems started. I told Crucial of the problem, and they advised me to lower the speed from 200 to 166Mhz in dual channel, or change on so it runs at single channel at 200Mhz.
It seems to me that in actual fact the are NOT compatible with my motherboard 100%, despite their claims. To be honest, I wish I'd have bought 2x512 sticks instead!
This is the other thread I started which outlines the problems I get in dual-channel at 200Mhz:
click here

  woodchip 19:24 17 Jul 2005

As above looks like you put slow ram in and motherboard as changed to the slow ram speed

  dan11 19:28 17 Jul 2005

Can you tell us how you changed the frequency for the ram. Was it through the bios > advanced.

The first thing I would try is in the advanced section > advanced chipset features. Is to set the cpu external frequency to 200Mhz. Then set the memory frequency by spd to 83%. This will let the 3200+ to run at 2.2Ghz and the ram to run at 166Mhz ( pc2700 ).

F10 to save and exit. Check this the correct speed for the cpu and is it stable.

One other thing. On the ram modules, what is the maximum number of chips on one side. I think this board will not take more than 16 chips on both sides, but crucial WILL know this.

  ptrafc 19:37 17 Jul 2005

To change the frequency I did use the BIOS > advanced chipset features, and simply changed it from 200Mhz, since there's an option for this.
I will try what you have just said.
The modules have 8 chips on one side, and 8 chips on the other as far as I can see, they're covered by a heat spreader.
Since these modules don't seem 100% compatible, am I in my rights to get a replacement/refund, since they do have a compatibility guarantee?
Since I bought them I was also told that my PC would actually be faster with 2x512 modules of similar model, since they have a CL of 2, instead of 3 on the 1gb. Since I don't know a lot about RAM etc, I presumed the more the better.

  Rayuk 19:45 17 Jul 2005

The link shows it to be PC4000 is this the case?

They say it is compatable with your board you have found out it is not and they agree with this as they are telling you to run it out of spec so I would RMA the full 2Gb and buy a matched pair to replace them.

  ptrafc 19:49 17 Jul 2005

Yes they are PC4000, and I know my mobo only runs PC3200. I mailed then about this and here's their response...
"You can use the PC4000 modules on your motherboard and they will default to run at PC3200 400Mhz speed on this machine."
What's RMA?
Would I be best off replacing them for the second ones (512gb) on the link above?

  Rayuk 20:04 17 Jul 2005

click here
Its a returns number you have to get from the manufacturers before you can return a product,if you dont put this RMA number on the parcel they wont accept it,follow the above link.

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