Athlon XP 2600+ running slow?

  orlandogreenback 17:54 13 May 2004

Am using it with 512mb of PC3200 DDR RAM (crucial) and Asus A7N8X-E mobo. The spiel says it should run at 2.13 mhz. Four different diagnostic tools (including AMD's own) tell me it's running from 1.91 to 1.95 mhz (they all come up with different numbers). In BIOS the external frequency is set to 166 (x2 equals the chip's 333mhz FSB) and I've upped the frequency multiple from 11.5 to 12.5 with no effect. Also updated BIOS to the newest version; no effect. It probably shouldn't matter, but I'm a fussy sod, and it does. Anyone help?

  SANTOS7 18:03 13 May 2004

there is a sugestion on another forum that it may be one of the programmes you are running is corrupt and a full scan of your system may reveal something.

  TomJerry 18:08 13 May 2004

1.9GHz is correct for Barton (new) 2600+

2.13 is frequency of Thoroughbred (old) 2600+

  greybeard33 18:08 13 May 2004

I think you might be a little mixed up with your 2600+ CPU there are at least 3 models listed, two thorougbred cpus and one barton, from the figures in your posting you have the Barton cpu which runs at 1.917 Mhz this is about what you are getting. Cheers Greybeard33

  TomJerry 18:10 13 May 2004

Barton has 512Kb cache, but Thoroughbred only has 256Kb cache, so a Barton is faster than a Thoroughbred at the same frequency.

For Intel: at same frequency P4 (512kb) is faster than Celeron (128kb) and a Centrion (1M) is much faster than a P4.

  Rayuk 18:13 13 May 2004

Also I think you will find that your cpu is multipler locked if it is a recent purchase.

  orlandogreenback 18:19 13 May 2004

However, I've gotta point out that ebuyer are selling the barton core 2600 with an advertised clock speed of 2.13 ghz. (Don't want to turn this into an ebuyer hate thread, but I've been screwed twice in one order!) Still a relative novice at all this and prone to trusting a retailer's decsription of an item. That'll teach me ;-]

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