athlon xp 2500+.. which mobo?

  cicis 01:39 25 Sep 2005

i would lke to buy a new mobo for processor.. iam currently having msikt4v.. can i have an idea to which are the most advisable mobo should i have? best chipset? thanks...

  ashdav 01:48 25 Sep 2005

Using an Abit KV7-V myself. Works very well. Cheap too click here

  ashdav 01:51 25 Sep 2005

Disregard the comments about SP2. Mine works fine.

  cicis 02:27 25 Sep 2005

tnx for the post.. what about asus or
other msi board?

  PC Bilbo 08:55 25 Sep 2005

Have a look at Asus A7V600-X . This uses KT600 Chipset also and you can currently buy on E-Buyer for around £26 which is less than I paid 2 months.

3 x DDR400 DIMMS, 6 PCI , 8 USB, Crash Free BIOS & south chip supports RAID if you want it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:07 25 Sep 2005

I've been using an Asus A7V600 for nearly two years now and whilst it may not be the fastest, it has proved to be stable and reliable.

  cicis 09:21 25 Sep 2005

does that mean that kt600 is better than nforce2? so what is the fastest mobo?

  ashdav 10:22 25 Sep 2005

speed will be governed by the processor so you just need to decide what features you want. Bear in mind that you will also need a graphics card.

  pickle factory 10:45 25 Sep 2005

I got mine running on Asus A7N8X-X, runs very stable and cheap board, but in hindsight I wish I had gone for it's big brother with a few more bells and whistles as I ended up adding umpteen cards to run everything anyway.

  Rayuk 11:39 25 Sep 2005

Asus A7N8X deluxe ver.2 together with some PC3200 memory straightforward to up cpu fsb to 200 thus 3200+ cpu.
Have done 2 this way without any problems.

Just make sure it is version 2.0

  Totally-braindead 11:43 25 Sep 2005

You seem to have the right idea, buying a good quality motherboard I mean. I presume you're going to keep it for a while and if so I'd look for this - make sure it has USB 2.0 which should be no problem as I haven't seen a USB 1.0 one for a while, Firewire may be useful though I've never used it and I would also try to get a SATA one as well as PCI Express.

If you already have the processor then fair enough, its the same one I have but if I was getting a new motherboard I'd be looking for a slightly faster chip say a 3400 and I'd be looking for a socket 939 processor and chip as these are the new ones and it will last longer. Regarding chipset I really don't know which is the fastest. Have a look here and see what you can find click here

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