Athlon XP 2500+ processor

  [email protected]$H 21:37 31 Jan 2005

I have the above processor. can anyone tell me which is the best graphics card is best suited to my cpu?

Thanks in advance,


  [email protected]$H 22:40 31 Jan 2005

hey could someone please give me some ideas. it would be a great help.


  Blitzer 22:42 31 Jan 2005

I think you may need to post a few more details about your system specs and intended use for your PC before anyone will really be able to provide any constructive comments. Post a few more details and see if that improves the responce to your question. ;-)

  [email protected]$H 22:47 31 Jan 2005

my computer has a 8oGB HARD drive, 512mb ram, AGP 8x slot, nforce 2 motherboard(K792 delta).

I want to be able to play the latest games but don't want upgrade my system just yet. maybe in a couple of years when pci express cards have really taken off.


  Blitzer 23:25 31 Jan 2005

I guess I should also have added the question how much do you have or are you willing to spend? The problem with graphics cards is that you can spend anywhere between £30 and £400. I recently changed the GFX card on my other machine from a Radeon 9500 Pro (due to a fault with it) to a X800 Pro. The former cost about £150 and the later twice as much. TBH I had no plans to change the card so soon and only done so because of the fault (artifacts due to heat).

Needless to say the X800 Pro does perform better and allows me to play games with video settings cranked up, although TBH I feel a 9800Pro or equivalent would still do a very good job. Certainly I used to have no great difficulty with Half-Life 2 when using the 9500Pro.

Hope this is of some help, perhaps someone else wil jump in with some more suggestions in a moment. :)

  [email protected]$H 23:31 31 Jan 2005

Tahnks man. I'm looking at about £125 or less.

I've heard that if Iget too much of an advanced card that my cpu won't be able to handle it. thats why i asked the question . i just want to know what cards my cpu can handle.


  goonerbill © ® 00:29 01 Feb 2005

have geforce fx5900 (not the cut down version GT or something like that) on my pc running 2500+. plays farcry at fairly good rate (medium settings). dont know about doom3 of H/L 2 as use xbox for games mainly.

  [email protected]$H 15:05 01 Feb 2005

Thanks man but, if anyone else knows, i was wondering what is the limit of my cpu? like if i get a 6800 then my cpu won't be able to get the full performance out of it. does anyone know up to which card my cpu can handle?

  TomJerry 15:12 01 Feb 2005

for your budget, ATI 9800 Pro which is loved by many games

Sapphire Radeon 9800 Atlantis PRO 128MB AGP,256bit bus,DVI-I,TV-Out, Lite-Retail £125 click here

Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB DDR 8x AGP DVi & TV-Out - Retail Box £130.08 click here

  [email protected]$H 15:24 01 Feb 2005

thanks man does it need a separate power cable. isf so is it hard to set up and is it provided?

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