Athlon XP 2000 80 C Too Hot??

  PaulB2005 14:48 07 Dec 2005

Athlon XP 2000

It's got a big stupid fan and one of the "flower" type CPU heatsinks.

It's never worked properly since the day it was put together by a friend for a friend.

Looking in the BIUOS it's idling at 79-80 C.

I know it's way to hot (the alarm maxs out at 75 C) but can you back me up?

  Chegs ®™ 15:06 07 Dec 2005

Yep,AMD's tend to get unstable above 50C,and frequently melt at 95C,or depending on url offering info,above 85C(lowest I found)

  PaulB2005 15:10 07 Dec 2005

I did find 90 was the quoted max but this idles with the case side off at 77-80. It's passed a memtest and HD test but when i try to do anything it locks after a few minutes....

  Chegs ®™ 15:14 07 Dec 2005

"...unstable above 50C" Past experiences with AMD CPU's was where I based this info on.Thats why I have enough fans in my PC to give a Harrier jets a run. ;-)

  woodchip 15:21 07 Dec 2005

It’ll be OK if you go Camping for doing your eggs on in the morning

  ade.h 15:37 07 Dec 2005


  ade.h 15:42 07 Dec 2005

Hi. When you say you have a Flower heatsink, I take it you mean one of the old Zalmans.

I used to use one of those with a 1700+ until recently and it was quite cool - at idle it was about 35-38deg. Even allowing for variations in case layout/fan configuration, etc. that it a big difference.

Have a good look at that fan and heatsink and make sure it's all working. A very thin even layer of paste, good quality preferred, and if you're using the Fanmate controller, either turn it up or take it off altogether.

  961 16:24 07 Dec 2005

That's too hot. Why not get a new fan and heatsink (plus some thermal paste) from Novatech or similar. Not too expensive, but if you run at that temperature you'll fry the processor for good

Alternatively depending on how old this stuff is and how much you want to spend, buy a retail AMD processor to suit the mobo. These come complete with heatsink and fan and have a 3 yr warranty

Then you'll find the thing will run at not more than 50 deg and probably a good deal less

  PaulB2005 16:52 07 Dec 2005

OK. PC has just cooled down for an hour and a half.

Just booted straight into the BIOS and the CPU Temp monitor has gone from 65 C to 69 C in 60 seconds.

I know this is wrong but the owner needs more than one opinion.

71 C

It an old Zalman look a like - maybe a Zalman but the 120mm fan is in the way.... The fan bracket is so close to the graphics card i thought it was shorting the card. Hence all the problems - BSOD, lockups etc

72 C

The case has 2 x 80 mm fans in front

74 C

1 x 80 mm on the side

1 x 80 mm on the rear

and is in a really heavy Antec case.

75 C

Any space not occupied by hardware seems to be occupied by wires. ie no through flow of air that i can see.

76 C

Owner is considering new PC anyway just wanted confirmation about the temp before i look at 3 hours to gut the case and reassemble with a new CPU HSF and tidy the cabling.....

77 C Time to shut down.....

Cheers all

  DieSse 16:53 07 Dec 2005

Maybe it simply had no heatsink compound applied. I actually found somone advising this (wrongly!!) not ver long ago.

  961 17:42 07 Dec 2005

It often turns out that fans on the front (which MUST be sucking air in) result in a hotter system than simply having holes for the air that the system needs. Equally, advice to leave the side of the case off ruins the flow of air from the front to the back of the system.

If the case fan at the back and the one in the PSU are working properly then airflow should be ok. Unless the graphics card is overheating or the fans at the front are wrongly trying to extract air, then we are back to a fault on the processor fan or any software that is stopping it running at full bore, or a lack of thermal paste

One other thing that you could try is to disconnect the fan on the side of the case. Which way is it trying to push the air?

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