Athlon Vs P4

  Polopaul69™ 01:35 04 Jul 2006

I wonder if anyone could assist in a continued & heated discussion i have been having with a friend.

He states that if a PC game shows on the Recommended system requirements that a P4 3GHz or higher is required then it will not run on an AMD Athlon processor - regardless of what speed it is as unless its 3GHz or higher - it won't run.

I have told him that it is stupid to assume this as, as far as i am aware, AMD didn't ever make a processor that ran at 3GHz as it didn't need to. I also told him that his Dual Core 3GHz P4 system would probably run slower than an AMD 4800 Dual Core which is 2.4GHz

I remember a few years back that an old Athlon XP2000 ran at the same spec as a P4 3GHZ or something like that, but can anyone remember what a AMD's equivalence is in a P4?

Just so i can shut him up.

  xania 08:49 04 Jul 2006

Equivalents are not just fine - so far as I'm concerned they're superior. I've used AMD almost from start and would not consider Intel. At one time, AMD did have a small problem, but then AMD released a small patch to overcome this. Ever since, and with later releases, no problems at all.

  keef66 10:14 04 Jul 2006

Your friend is clearly talking through his trousers. Until recently AMD used their cpu numbering system to suggest aproximate Intel processor equivalence. Now they don't need to anymore.
Look at the cpu comparison charts on Tom's Hardware for the evidence in a range of benchmarks including games

click here

If gaming's your thing you'll get a bigger bang for your buck with an AMD processor any day.

  gudgulf 11:43 04 Jul 2006

Irrespective of which is fastest the important thing here is AMD and Pentiums work differently.

There are a handfull of games which check for the minimum requirements and wont work if those requirements aren't met.

So let's suppose we have a game with a minimum of 3GHz P4 specified.

What that means in reality is 3GHz P4 OR EQUIVALENT.

CPU information is checked against a roadmap for the minimum specifications...this will include checking the speed of a P4 and the specifications of ATHLON equivalents.....such as the XP3000+ and the later 64bit cpu equivaent models...providing the cpu meets the minimum requirement or exceeds it the game will run.In other words the game contains a list of supported processors against which it checks what you have on your pc.....if it matches the game runs.

Of course it would be technically possible to get the game to exclude any cpu running below an actual 3GHz......But that would exclude the vast majority of gamers who run AMD processors.

And it would also exclude all users of the forthcoming Conroe Pentiums......non of which run at 3GHz for the home market.

That would be madness!

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