Athlon temperature... cause for concern?

  Simsy 09:43 23 Feb 2008


I've just upgraded my PC, replacing an Athlon 1.3Gig with 512Meg RAM with an Athlon2400+ (2 Gig) with 1Gig RAM.

All seems to be well, but I have one minor concern...

I reused the heatsink and fan, (using appropriate amount of thermal paste). This fits OK and works. I installed the monitoring software that came on the mobo driver disc and it's indicating that the temperature of the CPU quickly gets to about 55c and slowly creeps up to 60c... while the machine is on idle. I know that the listed max temp of this processor is about 80c, so at the moment I'm not too concerned...

But I haven't put the PC under any stress yet, having spent a few days reinstalling from scratch. It is now running nicely. I don't do gaming, but I do mess about with photo's, sometimes big images with lots of processing so I guess this will push the proessor a bit and cause the temperature to rise. (The ventilation with regard to fans/dust/airflow is all in good order)

So I'm thinking of replacing the heatsink and fan. If I do so, I'll take the opportunity to get something quieter, and have seen this on eBay...

click here

I've two questions.

1) Is the temperature something I should be concerned about?

2) Is the item I've linked to above suitable and/or a good buy?

thanks in anticipation,



  crosstrainer 09:50 23 Feb 2008

That is high for an idling 1.3 Athlon. It might be an idea to upgrade your fan and heatsink.

This dual core FX is set to warn me at 60C, but never goes above 45, even in games like FEAR etc.

If you want to persevere with your current fan and heatsink, set your BIOS to inform and shut down if the temperature gets to 70c, leaves room for error, and then you will know you need better cooling.

  Simsy 09:52 23 Feb 2008

it's now a 2400+, i.e. a 2Gig Athlon.



  johndrew 09:58 23 Feb 2008

Temperature click here
If yours is at 60 when idling I would say that is high. Have you checked your BIOS settings for the fan and temperature?

As for the link, I have no experience on performance, but the price looks OK. A bit more expensive are Zalman but they have been recommended in these Forums.

  crosstrainer 10:01 23 Feb 2008

Still too high, I would upgrade your cooling....Won't cost as much as a dead cpu :)

  Simsy 10:05 23 Feb 2008

So it looks as if I'm a little high on temp.

I'll check BIOS setting when I get home, but it looks as though I'll go for the heatsink/fan I linked to previously...

Unless anyone else can recommend otherwise. It's certainly the sort of budget I'm looking at! I'm not in the market for something much more than that!!



  crosstrainer 10:11 23 Feb 2008

The link illustrates a basic cooler for a DURON cpu, hate to say it, but it's worse than what you have need one that is designed for Athlons:

click here

This isn't the best...but a damn sight better, within budget and up to the job.

  martjc 10:15 23 Feb 2008

Don't forget that motherboard temp sensors are t best inaccurate and at worst, downright misleading. Having said that, it won't hurt to keep it cool. And the setup in your link looks quite good for the price.

  Simsy 10:18 23 Feb 2008

I'd seen the reference to "XP" in the title and disregarded the "Duron" reference.

It does say, further down the description that it's suitable for AthlonXP.

I'll contact the seller before comitting myself!




  Stuartli 10:52 23 Feb 2008

I have an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ - I originally set the cutoff point in the Bios to 70 degrtees C (danger point is 85 degrees C).

Occasionally in the hot weather last summer it would reach 68-69 degrees C with the CPU fan on minimum, but I didn't have any worries.

Its normal operating temperature is between 52-55 degrees C - Athlons are noted for running somewhat hotter than Intel CPUs in many instances.

  PO79 11:13 23 Feb 2008

Have you installed the AMD "Cool n Quiet" Drivers from click here these work in much the same way as mobile processors whereby when the system is idle, the CPU workload is reduced and clocks down. I have them in my Athlon 64 3400 system and when idle it shows as low as 950 instead of 3400. They increase the speed of the CPU instantaneously as and when required for gaming or video editing etc.

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