Athlon speed/stability

  johnstott 22:43 08 Mar 2003

I have a Jetway 867 motherboard – it works fine with a 700 Duron and a 1300 Athlon (both 200fsb) -stable as old boots. I installed an Athlon XP 1600 - as it is it registers as 1050 and is stable. If I change the jumper to 133fsb I get Bios rom checksum errors on restart. I have replaced the battery (3 times) I have the very latest bios (jan 03) but still the same post. Put the jumper back to 100fsb and use the bios settings to alter the speed - I have stability only at 100 and 120 bios clock settings - everything else gives me start up problems including issues on corrupt registry (restart and reset to the stable settings and the registry issue is not there).

The mobo is rated for the Athlon I am using - any thoughts?



  flecc 00:37 09 Mar 2003

Is the FSB for your Athlon XP 1600 also 200 though?

If so you should set the mobo to 100 FSB, the Athlon takes care of the doubling. All Athlon XPs are named with the perceived performance level, not their actual speed. Therefore yours will not measure at 1600 but at the lower physical figure, although I'm not sure offhand what that is for your XP 1600.

Go to the AMD website and it will tell you that figure though.

  flecc 00:40 09 Mar 2003

If your Athlon XP 1600 is a 266 FSB model, then the mobo setting should be 133 and the problem will be with your motherboard. For that I can only advise the motherboard manual or the Jetway website for answers on it's compatibility with 266 FSB CPUs.

  Djohn 00:47 09 Mar 2003

Just had a look on the specs for you, and the 1600XP operates at 1400Mhz, with a FSB of 266.

Not sure, if flecc is still on he will know! But I think your board will not support the XP range. Regards. J.

  johnstott 02:51 09 Mar 2003

Thanks guys - the Athlon is a C rated CPU which gives it a 266 speed. The board is supposed to support that speed and the XP processor according to the website.

  johnstott 16:59 09 Mar 2003

One problem seems to be the lack of effect on the jumpers - even set at 100fsb, changing the multiplier doesn't seem to have any effect - this seems to be the same with the other cpu's I have used. However, the mobo does seem to pick up the correct speed on the post with the 700 duron and the 1300 athlon. With the XP the post gives it as 1050 which is obviously the multiplyer default.

  flecc 19:13 09 Mar 2003

It sounds like that motherboard is faulty then, I hope it's in warranty.

  johnstott 00:49 10 Mar 2003

Unfortunately the board is out of warranty - typically it had run most of its life with the 1300 100fsb Athlon where it was apparently OK. I had never bothered with the jumpers with that cpu since it registered as correct. One oddity seems to be changing the clock speed in the bios - I can only go from 100 to 132, whereas the manual says 100 - 132 and 133 - 200. I updated the bios since I couldn't find the latter settings but they still aren't there. I wonder whether this is the problem with the XP since I can't actually dial in 133 in the bios.



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