Athlon or Intel

  tooter 19:17 31 Jan 2007

I am thinking about purchasing a new computer but first I need to know which processor to go for. Can anyone tell me the main difference between the following two processors and which one they would go for and why. Thanks for any help.
AMD Athlon AM2 Dual Core 5200 64 Bit Processor.
Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 4MB Cache Dual Core 64 Bit Processor.

  jam500 19:20 31 Jan 2007

Any latest Intel Core2Duo, Because it wipes the floor with anything Amd has at the moment.

  SANTOS7 19:23 31 Jan 2007

click here

Is that right!!!

  jam500 19:27 31 Jan 2007

Well they would say that wouldnt they, Try an independant website next time.

  gudgulf 19:33 31 Jan 2007

Yes it is right....yout link is from the end of 2005 and refers to opteron versus zeon cpus.

Core2 Duo is a different matter altogether. Athlon 5200 processor is no slouch,even though it will lose out in benchmarks compared to an e6700.

Compare cpus at click here

  SANTOS7 19:33 31 Jan 2007

but the AMD chip is a much better performer. It also uses considerably less power. A typical Athlon 64 X2 3800+ system uses less than 100W, while an equivalent Intel-based system uses about 50 per cent more

click here

text taken from link..

If you are going to make a statement you really need to BACK IT UP...

  SANTOS7 19:35 31 Jan 2007

Gudgulf the link is up to date it states "since its introduction in April 2005".

  SANTOS7 19:40 31 Jan 2007

click here

heres one for the intel fans.
Have to say i can't really choose between the two i have AMD hardware cos thats how it came i might have been just as happy if it were intel, when i bought my tower the CPU was not an issue as to who made it
Its an XP2800+ barton core and me PCs a flier..

  wjrt 19:40 31 Jan 2007

toms hardware does not show the amd5200 but has the amd5000 just behind the intele6700 so there cannot be much in it. then u look at the cost amd5200 £185 intele6700 £330 wheres the argument

  Kate B 19:48 31 Jan 2007

I've bought Athlon-based systems several times but if I were buying now I'd be buying a computer built around the Core 2 Duo chips. They wipe the floor with everything Athlon has on the market at the moment.

  gudgulf 19:52 31 Jan 2007

From your link.....Quote

" Competition Refuses to Step into the Ring; Industry Benchmarks Validate Victory. Learn More."

Well I followed the learn more link and it's dated Dec 13 2005.

I also followed the "Find out who the winner is" link and that is copyrighted 2005.

The cpus in question are server chips and not aimed at home pcs.

An e6700 would beat any of the cpus mentioned in the review on any benchmark.

But that's not the point of the original question.

The cpu comparisons on offer at Toms Hardwarwe Guide should give tooter the information needed to choose.

The real world answer here is that both will do anything you ask of them.Whether the e6700 is going to be noticeably quicker would depend on what you were editing quite possibly,but games would show no difference.Same goes for office difference.

A lot depends on the price of the computers and the rest of the specification.Give similar specs and identical price my money would go on the Intel cpu

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