Athlon MP2000

  Davelion 18:55 02 Jul 2003

Will this CPU work on a standard motherboard or do
I need a special one to work with the MP2000 series.Thanks, Davelion

  goonerbill 19:13 02 Jul 2003

the athlon MP series of cpu's are designed to work in pairs. have heard of 2 XP cpu's running on a MP motherboard but not anything on an MP running on a motherbaord designed for duron/athlon cpu's.

maybe someone else can shed more light on the subject.

  Quiller. 19:19 02 Jul 2003

Yes the MP (multi processor) will work as a stand alone or as a pair in a duel cpu board.

I had a athlon 1400mp a couple of years ago, cheap at a computer fair, put it in a single board and no problems.

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