PhiltheFragger 08:39 11 Sep 2004

Built an Athlon 64 3000, Gigabyte GA-K8VT800M Mobo, 120Gb Maxtor IDE HDD. 1024MB DDR400.
Loading XP home and after it loads & reboots you get this message during the Installing Windows bit.

" The software you are installing
BATTERY has not passed logo testing etc

Normally I would ignore it and get on with the install. but, I have never seen this type of message during XP installation, only with drivers and programs.

Any Advice, the message is stuck on my screen as I speak.

  temp003 09:07 11 Sep 2004

Is it this message? click here

Have a read here click here

I don't think it matters whether you say yes or no. I would say yes.

  temp003 09:10 11 Sep 2004

By the way, I seem to remember your last upgrade was the XP 2500+ (and an Asus mobo) which was quite recent. Or is this a completely new computer?

Or have I mixed you up with somebody else?

  PhiltheFragger 09:40 11 Sep 2004

That is the message and yes this is a totally different machine I am making up with a mate.

Selected yes and got a BSOD with a memory dump.

Have swapped round the RAM and am reloading XP

will post back as to sussess

  PhiltheFragger 12:19 11 Sep 2004

Changed the RAm and still the blue screen of death

Am putting a 256 mb stick of top quality ddr400 and will see if this works
also have used a different xp disk in case it was faulty, and a different CD reader No change.

Its beginning to look like the Mobo. CPU or Hard drive

  PhiltheFragger 13:37 11 Sep 2004

It was the RAM

Obviously very RAM sensitive



Glad to see that you sorted it out ,just being inquisitive as to what make of ram was causing you problems as I am considering to purchase this type of ram myself

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