Athlon 1400 CPU Temperature

  Gwent 22:18 29 Jan 2004

Could one of you techie guru's, please tell me what the ideal temperature range for a Athlon 1400 cpu, (not an XP) should be.

  [email protected] 22:24 29 Jan 2004
  Gwent 00:18 30 Jan 2004

Can anyone else give further information, please.

  Giant68 11:02 30 Jan 2004

I would have thought that the lower the temperature the better. But AMD chips do tend to run hotter than pentiums. The maximum temps, as stated in [email protected] link are correct but in general use i think you should be looking at temps not exceeding 60C. I ran one for a while and it kept at a steady 48C no matter what i threw it. What temperature do you have?


  Smiler 12:27 30 Jan 2004

I've got an Athlon 1200 and it runs most of the time at 48ºC no probs. If I overclock it to 1400 it runs at about 51ºC. It all depends on the fan(s) you have and the type of heatsink fitted. There is no ideal temp but as Giant 68 says the lower the temp the better but don't get obsessed with cooling as long as the computer doesn't have problems all should be ok.

  mulligan 21:52 30 Jan 2004

Mine runs at about 52 degrees with an Akasa AK 824cu 80mm processor fan/heat sink. It used to go up to about 70 degrees under full load with a smaller fan/heatsink although this never caused any stability problems (just worried me)!

  Gwent 22:20 30 Jan 2004

For your responses to my query. My CPU is running between 48C and 52C, so it looks as if it is running normally and settles my concerns.

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