birdface 16:26 17 Aug 2009

Now have been having this problem for over a week now.AVG and A Squared pay for versions find it and remove it.But it comes straight back when browsing.I have just entered it in Privacy.Sites so will see if that help.
I believe it may be something to do with windows mail as that seems to have taken over my MSn e-mail account.
It comes up as tracking cookies but A squared has it as
I have already made a mess of some files trying to delete it and now can't get System Restore to work and cant open Windows firewall but got it to work through the security center.
Anyone know a safe way of removing without it stopping Windows messenger and mail from working.

  Fingees 17:09 17 Aug 2009

Try this

click here

  birdface 18:12 17 Aug 2009

Changing the host file did not help.privacy and sites did not either.And so far not worked out what he was doing in regedit yet but looking now.

  birdface 08:46 18 Aug 2009

Removed Firefox as it was playing up a bit and Spywareblaster stopped enabling protection on it.Had to take back out of ad-blocker in IE7 pro as it was interfering with the display picture on PCA.
You would think that it should be easy to get rid of a couple of tracking cookies but looks like there is more to it.
A Squared and AVG find them and I Quarantine them.and a few seconds later they are back .
I think it maybe something to do with Window Live mail.It seems to have pushed itself on to Windows Messenger and keeps trying to transfer EML files from Incredimail to W/Mail.
Incredimail is my default mail provider and it is only by using Winpatrol that I found out about the changes.I keep refusing the changes but W/mail keeps trying.
Is there a way of turning W/mail off completely I am in the process of purchasing something from Amazon so can turn it off anytime after that.Or do I have to get rid of Windows messenger as well.

  crosstrainer 09:04 18 Aug 2009

Have you tried running A Squared and Malwarebytes in safe mode?

  birdface 09:21 18 Aug 2009

Thanks.Never thought of that.I will go and try it now.That should keep me busy for a couple of hours.

  rdave13 09:28 18 Aug 2009

One other program to consider is Cleanup; click here
It cleans up everything on all accounts, better than Ccleaner. If you need to save anything in your temp folders do so before running it. It gives you a demo run to see how it works if needed.
If you are going to use it then make sure all browsers are closed, run it, then reboot when asked.

  birdface 16:35 18 Aug 2009

Sorry for the delay.But had to go out.A Squared took ages but nothing found on either of them.Just those pesky tracking cookies.Now I did notice it had a [2] beside it and the only thing I can think is Driver Max that always had 2 entries in msconfig until I Unticked them.So I will remove that then check on Microsoft updates the problem started just about then.
Just had Windows Live mail trying to remove the EML files from Incredimail again.
Any one know how to get rid of Windows Live mail without removing Windows messenger.

I will try your clean-up program as I removed my Cleanse uninstaller as it nearly recked XP for me.My own fault I should have backed up the registry first.

  crosstrainer 17:17 18 Aug 2009

Remove driver max form control panel....You know we can always find drivers here..(mutters under breath)

  birdface 17:31 18 Aug 2009

Ok We have it half beaten.Went into add-ons and disabled everything on there and reinstalled them one at a time and found what is probably the culprit.
Windows Live sign in assistant from the Microsoft corporation.
Now I can use all the programs except Windows Messenger as soon as I click on that the tracking cookie come back.
Is there any other e-mail provider that you can use on Windows Messenger without using Windows Live mail.And would it be safe to remove Windows live sign in helper from add remove.Just wonder if it was one of their 11 updates the other week.

  crosstrainer 18:13 18 Aug 2009

Re-enable Messenger (not an app I'm fond of) from msconfig.

Then restart and run a full malwarebytes scan (if safe mode if nothing is found on normal boot up)

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