Atari STFM files transfer to PC

  kinger 23:09 01 Nov 2005

I have 5000+ database of music listings.

They were all entered as a CD collection on an Atari ST computer.

I have exported all the data on the Atari to an ASCII file which can be read by any database program BUT, unfortunately, the Disk format on the Atari is different from that of a PC so therefore can't be read by my PC which is how I now need to read the disk.

I don't fancy typing all 5000+ titles, artists etc. in all over again.

How can I transfer the data from Atari Format to PC Format?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

  Splork 23:26 01 Nov 2005

I thought they had the same format - perhaps you might try going into BIOS and setting A: drive as 720kb?

  kinger 23:44 01 Nov 2005

Atari can not read the PC format ... could be the high definition disks.

The PC can not read Atari disks, it simpy states that the disk isn't formatted, even though it is, of course.

There must be some way of porting the information on the Atari disks to the PC as many people transferred from Atari to PC in the early nineties. But how?

  Splork 23:51 01 Nov 2005

Only if you can hook the Atari up to the net, email the files to yourself and collect them on the PC?

  kinger 00:03 02 Nov 2005

Never thought of that but to hook an Atari to Broadband is unheard of, isn't it?

I will look into that possibility.

If I print out the data would I be able to scan and then OCR it into a PC database?

Mmm, I wonder.

  Splork 07:12 02 Nov 2005

Does your ST have MIDI outputs? Was it Atari's that had non-standard ports? Can you compress the data on the disks and send the file as `Systems Exclusive` or raw data with some sort of MIDI transfer program to your PC? Very unlikely to work, just an idea. Plus you'd need a midi input cable for the PC.

  kinger 10:26 02 Nov 2005

Yes MIDI outputs are on the side. All ports, including mouse port is non standard.

Atari were a law unto themselves, which is why the PC won the computer wars of the late eighties and early nineties.

I'm paying the price of being a one time Atari owner now. Nothing that worked on the Atari would work with a PC and vice versa.

I think Atari could read PC formatted floppy disks at one time but them HD disks came out and that put paid to that.

  DieSse 11:21 02 Nov 2005

Format a disk to 720Kb in the PC - then put it into the Atari - from what I've read this should work.

The Aatari is supposed to be able to read PC floppies - but not the other way round.

  DieSse 11:23 02 Nov 2005

Or connect them together via a serial cable click here

Note this is an oooold link I think.

  DieSse 11:26 02 Nov 2005

Also the first part of this may be of help click here

If you put ... atari stfm files to pc ... into a Goolgle search, you'll get lots of links, more of which may help.

  kinger 19:24 02 Nov 2005

Thanks for the research DieSse. The networking type connection is too complicated and the guy seems to have made it work more though luck than judgement but, none the less, very interesting.

The Falcon idea looks good. I couldn't get the Atari STFM to read any disks that I formatted on my PC but this must be to do with using HD disks which weren't used back in the old Atari days.

I will check in the BIOS, as you suggested earlier, to see if I can format the old fashioned 720kb way. Memories, what memories, I'd forgotten how slow it all was.

Meanwhile, I'll read more from the other sites.

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