Atari ST to PC emulator?

  AudioVic' 17:02 25 Feb 2003

I play keyboard which stores my registrations onto Atari ST format floppies. Therefore I cannot sort these registrations/rythms,tunes, etc. with my PC because the floppies are incompatible with the PC.

I have heard that an emulator used to be available and wonder if anyone knows of it.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

  jazzypop 17:28 25 Feb 2003
  'oppy 18:25 25 Feb 2003

jazzypop, thanks for the links for atari, I have about 40 disks from my old 512 and 1024 machines from way back, Ive downloaded the Gemulator, I'll give it a go later on and try my old atari disks, also,AudioVic' thanks for brnging the subject up.

  AudioVic' 18:44 25 Feb 2003

I have downloaded the files and will give them a try.

Glad I helped you by bringing the subject up 'OPPY.

All the best to both of you!!!!

  howard60 22:17 25 Feb 2003

I found that if I formatted a floppy on the pc the ataris could read from it and write to it. I used to take my work from my home atari to the office pc and vice versa. the pc on the other hand could not read an atari formatted pc.

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