ATA66 only sees 137 Gb on 160 Gb ATA Ultra 133!

  Bolderick 10:05 23 Mar 2003

I have an Abit BE6-II board with ATA 66 on-board and have bought a Maxtor G160 160 Gb Ultra ATA133 HDD.
It will only see it as 137 Gb though! Even as NTFS in XP Pro!

A friend suggested a piece of software from the Maxtor site but nothing does the job - not even PM8. I checked Highpoint Tech's site and it is apparently due to the limitations of ATA 66 - it can only 'see' up to 137 Gb.
Does anyone know of a way of fooling the ATA66 or do I need to grow up and buy a P4 board?

  Bolderick 10:07 23 Mar 2003

...forgot to ask - assuming I can't do anything about this - if I leave it as 137 Gb and format it as such - is it safe to store data on it or could a trojan or something get 'into' the (unseen) other part of the drive and munch my MP3's!


  DieSse 11:22 23 Mar 2003

You've heard about limits on HDD capacity - well there's one at 137Gb. To exceed this capacity the computer needs the new 48-bit LBA mode. It's nothing to do with the ATA/UDMA rating - that's only the speed, not the capacity.

It's vaguely possible that there will be a BIOS update for your motherboard, but unlikely. It's probably better to look at a plug-in controller board that will support the full capacity.

If you partition the drive to the maximum the system will support, then format the partition, you should have no useage problems.

  Sly Fox 11:47 23 Mar 2003

If you install service pack one this will address the 24 bit LBA and give you 48 bit LBA. Then You can see and use the remainder of your drive but only as a second drive ie D:

Another option is to install the Intel Applicaction Accelerator available on the Intel web site. Im not sure if this will support the BX chipset but the download page will tell you the supported chipsets.

The last option is to make changes to the registry and the details are in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Hope this helps.

  Installer. 11:55 23 Mar 2003

I know you have tried a "piece of software from the Maxtor site", but was it this? click here they say that this gets around the 137Gb limit.

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