Is ATA 133 backward compatable with ATA100

  Bucko1 13:32 21 Jan 2004

I want to buy a new hard drive and the one I have my eye on is ATA133. My motherboard supports up to ATA100. Would the ATA133 be ok to use or must I look for an ATA100.

I thought I read somewhere that HDD's were backwardly compatable but would work at the slower speed. Am I correct?

Thanks for your help

you are correct.

  Bucko1 13:58 21 Jan 2004

Thanks for that Horiz5

I was also thinking of buying the new round cables to increase airflow in my computer. If I get an ATA133 cable can I attach my existing ATA100 drive to it as a slave drive.

If I decide to keep my exising ribbon cable would that be ok to attache and ATA133 drive to?

the new round cables would be good but if you stick with the old ribbon it will be fine (provided that they are 80 conductor cables which they should be for anything over ATA66)

  SEASHANTY 14:13 21 Jan 2004

Seems to be backwards compatible. Do not think your existing 40 pin wire will be suitable tho for ATA133
See info on this website which is .pdf format
click here

  woodchip 14:16 21 Jan 2004

It needs to have 80 wires to get 100mb 0r 133mb

  Bucko1 14:22 21 Jan 2004

Thanks for your help. I think you've answered my questions. I'll go agead and order it now.
Thanks again.

  SEASHANTY 14:27 21 Jan 2004

Probably the easiest way to tell if you have 80 wire or not is to compare the HDD cable with the IDE ribbon used for the CD/DVDROM drives. If the ridges on the HDD IDE cable are a lot smaller than the CDROM IDE cable then it will be 80 wire.

  Bucko1 14:30 21 Jan 2004

I'm pretty sure it is an 80 wire cable. the ridges are really tiny compared to the other cable

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