Asus X50RL laptop memory

  Daiol 17:56 14 Apr 2009

Hi,My wife has got an Asus X50RL laptop We done a test with crucial and want to upgrade the ram.Can anyone point me in the correct direction where to find the existing memory on the laptop looked underneath there you have the battery dept then a large cover and a smaller cover.Where will i find it please?.thanks daiol.

  howard64 09:38 15 Apr 2009

go to the asus site and download the free manual which will show how to update the memory. Each model of laptop does it slightly differently from the others in the range.

  baldydave 10:40 15 Apr 2009

If it is like my daughters asus x58 it is under the large cover held by about crosshead 12 screws.

  Daiol 11:45 16 Apr 2009

Thanks both all sorted.

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