Asus P6X58D-E BIOS Settings Check help

  Audio~~Chip 16:25 12 Sep 2010

Finally on to checking a few things in my BIOS on this new Build with
Asus P6X58D-E
Intel I7 930 2.8Ghz D0
Corsair Mem Dominator 3GB (3x1GB) DDR3 PC3-12800 (1600) Triple Channel XMP (TR3X3G1600C8D)

Asus BIOS v303
WinXP Pro 32Bit

Under the AI Tweaker in Grey reads:
Target Processor Frequency: 2793MHz
Target DRAM Frequency: 1066MHz

"QUESTION" on this is my memory is suppose to be 1600MHz ! so i see there is something wrong here

In the Advanced settings in BIOS I have the following:
Options set as AUTO or D.O.C.P or XMP (note my memory is XMP

Level 1 Cache = 256Kb
Level 2 Cache = 1024
Level 3 Cache = 8192
Ratio Status = Min: 12, Max: 22
Ratio Actual = 21

I think my Memory is not correct showing 1066MHz ? and think it should be showing what is is 1600Mhz

I do not want to overclock for extra performance of my CPu or Memory but I don't mind having to change settings where required to get the correct speed from my Memory or CPU. Remember I have XMP memory.

  Audio~~Chip 18:11 12 Sep 2010

Can one of the group members with a good knowledge of the BIOS check if my readings I have noted above are correct. Mainly I think the Memory is not showing correct.

  I am Spartacus 19:12 12 Sep 2010

You should have a 'Manual' setting as well as XMP, DOCP or Auto in the AI Overclock Tuner section (or similar name). Select that and choose 1600 from the DRAM Frequency. Alternatively select XMP which should set the RAM to 1600 but may overclock the CPU.

  I am Spartacus 19:15 12 Sep 2010

Plus re-read what I said here click here

  Audio~~Chip 19:27 12 Sep 2010

I am have coppied it over to here and close the other post.

Its a lot for me to take in and understand, but I will try and break it down.

So I understand it is only my memory which is not being read correctly for starters.

You recomend XMP setting which may Overclock the CPU.

If it does overclock the CPU, what do you recomend I do please?

Thanks for being patient with me, all these numbers volts, timmings I am new to. Maths/numbers was never one of my good points

Below is your ealier in the week reply to my other post:-

You won't need to overclock to set your RAM to 1600MHz as the memory dividers at the BCLK of 133 will give you the option to set it. Assuming your motherboard BIOS is similar to mine then go to the AI Tweaker menu and select an option from the list for DRAM Frequency.

I think I've mentioned this in another of your threads but the rule for QPI and DRAM Voltages is that there should not be more than 0.5v between the two e.g. if your DRAM requires 1.65v then the QPI voltage should be at least 1.15v (which is the Intel default anyway). You may need to increase the QPI voltage to run the RAM at 1600MHz anyway. The easiest way to get a clue what should be set rather than rely on the Auto settings is to select the XMP Profile from the AI Overclock Tuner. This will make the required changes to run the RAM at it's rated speed. You can use more than 1.65v on the RAM providing the above rule is followed. However it should be necessary as you're not overclocking it.

If you want to see what the voltage settings are then once you've installed Windows install the Asus Turbo V prgram which will display most of the key voltage settings.

Asus recommends that you set the main RAM timings (8-8-8-24) manually otherwise the XMP profile might be too aggressive and set the timings too low for stability under load.


Just to add. You will probably find that the BIOS sets a high voltage for the CPU. The Turbo V program will show you what it's set at. Reducing the voltage will help reduce heat levels so it's worth experimenting. As an example the BIOS in my system sets 1.22v on Auto but the CPU will run happily under load at just 0.97v

  I am Spartacus 19:33 12 Sep 2010

Try the manual setting first. It should allow you to change the DRAM Frequency to 1600. It should leave the other settings on Auto, if it doesn't tell me what they are.

  I am Spartacus 19:34 12 Sep 2010

Have you installed WIndows yet? If not do that first before changing the BIOS options.

  Audio~~Chip 19:51 12 Sep 2010

Will install windows first then. Which other settings should I keep my eye on, there are lots of them. Will install XP first. Does that include all the drivers, SP and updates ? or just windows by itself

  I am Spartacus 20:01 12 Sep 2010

I would install everything including updates. Once you start 'tweaking' the BIOS there's a slight risk of instability until you get the settings fine tuned so it's better to finish the installation first.

Although the BIOS looks confusing it's relatively simple once you get to know what everything does (although you don't need to).

  Audio~~Chip 20:10 12 Sep 2010

you probably won't here from me again tonight, it will take me the rest of the night to finish XP and update fully.

Would you recomend the drivers from the Asus CD or manually download from Asus website

Enjoy the rest of the night & Thank U!

  I am Spartacus 20:49 12 Sep 2010

I always get the latest ones from Asus.

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