ASUS P5VDC-X cpu compatability question

  theons100 23:35 09 Jan 2007


Can anyone tell me if a Core 2 Duo cpu will work in my ASUS P5VDC-X motherboard?

I have looked on the Asus website and various other places and am unable to find out.

I currently have a P4 3.0GHz in there but am looking to upgrade. I know that it will take a pentium d but ideally I would like to go for a core 2 duo if possible.

The FSB of my motherboard is 1066/800.

Many thanks in advance for any help.

  brundle 23:40 09 Jan 2007

Did you see this page on the Asus site?
click here

  theons100 23:55 09 Jan 2007

No I didn't!

Thanks for that brundle...I think I should open my eyes a little wider next time!!

I guess from what I read that my MB does not support Core 2 Duo...does anyone have advice for a prospective Pentium D purchaser??

Would love a 965 but don't know whether the cost is worth it....

Any offerings as to which PD will offer more performance than my current P4 3.0ghz?

  Totally-braindead 00:03 10 Jan 2007

Not trying to be funny but according to the list the highest it can take is a 3.6 and I personally don't think you would notice much difference between what you have and a 3.6ghz, certainly not enough to justify the outlay.
Perhaps more RAM would be an option, depending on what you have you could see a big difference with that.

  theons100 00:12 10 Jan 2007

Thanks totally-braindead, I already have 2gb of DDR2 (533) which is the maximum the board can take. I suppose the only thing would be to upgrade the board.... anyone have any recommendations for a decent board???

I only got this MB as it allows DDR and DDR2 and also has an AGP and PCI-X slot.

I would be looking for a Core 2 Duo compatable board with about 8gb maximum RAM....

  brundle 00:16 10 Jan 2007

You might a mobo recommended here; click here

  brundle 00:17 10 Jan 2007

add the word `find` to that last post in the appropriate place...

  theons100 00:20 10 Jan 2007

Thanks brundle. I shall peruse at my leisure.

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