asus p5kc front ports

  shauntaylor 03:40 23 May 2008

I'm in the middle of building a pc based around the asus p5kc but i've hit a snag when trying to connect the front ports. I have seven connectors, spkout R+L, return R+L, GND, Mic-bas and mic-in. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I should connect these? Thank you

  ambra4 07:44 23 May 2008

On some older motherboard there was a 14 pins connector close to the audio system

called “JF-Audio1” with 2-3 jumpers, which you have to remove before connection, the

front panel sockets not to sure if still installed on present day boards?

Look in the motherboard manual for a Jumpers pin out setting called

“Front Panel Audio Headers” this will tell you how to connect the Mic, Front, Centre,

Rear Speakers connection

If not listed in motherboard manual your motherboard does not have the option to use the

front panel socket to connect a 5.1 Audio System

  ambra4 05:42 24 May 2008

If you need to check how the front panel sockets was connected to the motherboard

Download the manual for this motherboard on page 5 you will see the JF Audio1 socket

just under the JAudio socket left hand of layout.

On page 15 is the Front Panel Audio Header listing on how the front panel sockets was

Connected to the JF Audio1 Socket

click here#

If you motherboard do not have the connector just

bundle up the spare cable and leave then in the case.

  ambra4 21:11 31 May 2008

Not to sure if this is the correct MSI board you have

PM8M-V Series Motherboard

On page 3 PDF Layout Diagram

At the bottom of diagram left side there is a connector label “JAUDIO1” next to the CD

IN socket

On page 10 there is the Front Panel Audio Connector: JAUDIO1 diagram on how to

connect the front panel audio connector

Please Note the Information about the Jumpers

If you do not want to connect to the front audio header, pins 5 & 6, 9 & 10

have to be jumped in order to have signal output directed to the rear audio ports.

Otherwise, the Lineout connector on the back panel will not function.

You must remove the jumpers on pin 5 & 6 and 9 & 10 and connect the cable as follow

Blue = R-IN PIN 5







PIN 3 & 7 is not used on the JAUDIO connector

  ambra4 21:19 31 May 2008


Sorry wrong thread does your motherboard have the JAUDIO connector

  shauntaylor 10:13 04 Jun 2008

Thank you all for your responses, I have located the front panel audio connector on my board and the connectors are labelled, sense2_retur, port2 L, sense_send, sense1_retur, port2 R, presence#, Port1 R, GND and Port1 L. Aternatively I have the non HD option of Line out L, Line out R, MICPWR, AGND and MIC2.

Neither of these options directly match the number of connectors I have to connect or the labels from the case connectors so I am unsure as to where to connect to, leaving me with a new pc with no sound.

  ambra4 13:50 04 Jun 2008

Need to know the cable names from the front panel socket and I will try to tell you how connect to the connector

  shauntaylor 11:30 05 Jun 2008

Thats great thank you, the cable names from the front panel are in my first post: seven connectors, spkout R+L, return R+L, GND, Mic-bas and mic-in.

  ambra4 13:46 05 Jun 2008

You need to access the Bios go to Advanced- Onboard Device Configuration - Change

the “Front Panel Type” – To AC’97

As the wiring of the front panel socket is for a Legacy AC’97 Audio Layout Page 61 –

Section 2-37

To use the HD Audio Layout you need to replace the present front panel module for a

HD Audio module. Not to sure where you can get one of these or if it will fit you present

case front panel

Blank space on the connector is Pin 8 so count from left to right starting from the left

bottom pins are 1 – 3 – 5 –7 – 9, top pins are 2 – 4 – 6 – blank – 10 hope this make sense

Spkout R – Pin 5

Spkout L – Pin 9

Return R – Pin 6

Return L- Pin 10

GND – Pin 2

Mic-Bas – Pin 3

Mic-in – Pin 1

Not sure about pin 6 & 10 the return as not listed on the AC’97 connector but listed on

the HD

  shauntaylor 14:30 05 Jun 2008

Thank you for taking the time to post that for me

  ambra4 19:12 05 Jun 2008

Always willing to help if I can


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