ASUS P4C800 E-Deluxe ETHERNET lights

  underworldmagic 10:35 23 Aug 2004


i just recently noticed that on my mobo Asus P4C800 E-Deluxe the light of the ethernet port was not flashing in a constant flash. of the lights is on all the time and the other is flashing sometimes pauses for a "millisecond", or doesnt flash for a "millisecond"

just wanted to know if this was normal?

im using the ethernet port for my interent connection with NTL 600K connection. i have ran the diagnostics that come with the mobo for the ethernet port to check its intergrity and it says that all is well. just a little concerned about the lights



  ensonricky 12:01 23 Aug 2004

You sound slightly paranoid to me, it might never happen. I have the same board and what your seeing doesn't seem unusual or anything to worry about.

  underworldmagic 14:50 23 Aug 2004

thanks for the reply,

to be honest i was very paranoid, couldnt get to sleep last night, i even kept the computer off last night to "give the computer some rest"

it was an expencive board at about £120.

its good to know there is no problems with the port,

thanks again


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