Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 630

  ened 14:09 10 Mar 2013

I installed the software for this card and now get an annoying usage monitor appear on the screen everytime I boot.

It is easy to minimize or even close but it is a niggle.

There appear to be no settings to adjust which are relevant to stopping it.Is there a way to remove this?

  Ian in Northampton 15:25 10 Mar 2013

If there really isn't an option to eliminate it, I wonder if it's an option you missed when you installed the software - which would mean the only cure would be a reinstall. What happens, when it appears, if you right click on it?

  ened 15:31 10 Mar 2013

I've tried right-clicking all over it - Nothing!

This is the card: Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 630

I would have thought somebody else has experienced this problem?

  Chronos the 2nd 16:01 10 Mar 2013

What is this software called? As NVidia does not install anything other the NVidia control panel and that does not pop up on the screen at boot. I have a GTX 670 so use Nvidia drivers myself.

Whatever it is it should have a stings menu and you should be able stop it there. Or you could uninstall it and get the latest drivers from here,NVidia. Which you should have done anyway because the drivers on the disk that came with your card will be way out of date.

  ened 17:05 10 Mar 2013

Thanks Chronos the 2nd

I was confused because, although it was appearing at the start it wasn't showing in the Start Up section of msconfig. When I had looked in Add/Remove programmes the only entries I recognised were NVidia, which I was reluctant to remove unless I had to.

After reading your post I went back and found something called Asus GPU Tweak. I removed it and the monitor has gone.

I have never had anything like that before so, unless there is a good reason not to, I shall carry on without it.

  ened 17:23 10 Mar 2013

Chronos the 2nd

You mentioned that I need to get the up to date drivers from the web.

I am still setting up the machine and it is not in a place where I can reach the router. However I would like to get the drivers: do you know of a place I can download them from which will give me the drivers in a file I can put on a usb stick?

  Chronos the 2nd 17:33 10 Mar 2013

The link I gave you will do what you want, just manually put in the info.

First Box. Geforce

Second Box. 6 series

Third Box. Operating System.

Fourth Box. English.

Then click on download and save the drivers to your USB.

That should do it.

  ened 17:48 10 Mar 2013

Thanks very much for that.

However I downloaded it and took it across to the other machine where I discovered the disc had the latest driver already on it.

Still it's good to know!

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