ASUS motherboard won't boot up

  Greengo 20:31 10 May 2009

Intially it would boot up, then switch off, then it would boot up,showing the message " boot system failure". Now it won't boot up at all. HELP.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 10 May 2009

Fans running?
LEDs flashing?
Hard drive noise?

If none of above then likely PSU failed but check plug lead socket and fuse first.

  Greengo 19:00 11 May 2009

Fans running, LEDs Flashing, Hard Drive noise all present. But after a few minutes system shuts down. On the next reboot, I entered the BIOS, to find CPU temp @ 80c at start up. I think this is probably why its shutting down?


  OTT_Buzzard 20:57 11 May 2009

80°C is liekly going to be a tad toasty for a CPU!! What CPU do you have?

Are you sure the CPU fan is spinning up, not just case fans?

  phono 22:01 11 May 2009

Is this a new build? Have you installed the fan/heatsink properly? If the heatsink came with pre-applied thermal interface material did you remember to remove the protective cover and if so was the material intact and undamaged?

As OTT_Buzzard said, are you sure the CPU fan is actually running?

  Greengo 12:36 13 May 2009

The CPU is a core 2 Duo, the heatsink and fans are both running, it is not a new build. I was thinking about removing thermal paste of CPU and heatsink and re-applying a silver base compound to help kee the temperature down. What do you guys think? Or is it beter just to buy a NEW heatshink and fan with the paste already applied. I don't want to get it wrong and kill my CPU.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:14 13 May 2009

Is there any dust in the CPU cooler / heatsink?

Also check the CPU voltage. Depending on exactly what Core 2 Duo it is and the 'VID' will effect exactly what the voltage should be.

To check the voltage, either go into the BIOS and have a look (can't say where in BIOS without knowing what motherboard / PC you have) or download something like Everest (click here) and install on trial version (free) or CPU-Z (click here). This is freeware.

Best guess is that your CPU voltage should be somewhere in the 1.20v - 1.30v range.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:45 13 May 2009

Thinking about it, you will only be able to check the voltage in BIOS since you can't get a full boot up!

Has this issue developed over time or did it suddenly happen?

  Greengo 14:58 16 May 2009

No dust in CPU Cooler / heatsink. The CPU is Core 2 Duo E6320.

The Bios and CPUID show the following:

Core voltage is 1.136-1.152V

Vmax is 1.13V

Core temperature is 80-83C should be no more than 61.4C for this processor.

Core speed is 1596.2Mhz

Eveb though the heatshink and fan are working, it is not cooling the processor enough. I think the best solution is to buy a NEW heatsink and fan, clean off what's left of the processor of the thermal paste and install NEW heatsink and fan. What do you guys think? Don't really want to apply paste myself on the my current heatsink and fan.

Will my processor still be any good after reaching such temperatures?

  OTT_Buzzard 15:43 16 May 2009

1.13V - 1.152V is well inside the processors voltage range. Really the only reason for asking is because excess voltatge results in elevated temperatures.

Are you using the standard Intel CPU cooler? Even a 'poor' aftermarket CPU cooler wouldn't allow the temperatures you are seeing.
At this point I'd check the installation of your existing cooler....remove it, clean off the thermal interface paste and reapply with new TIM. If your existing cooler is properly installed and working then fitting a new cooler is unlikely to fix your problem.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:45 16 May 2009

Will my processor still be any good after reaching such temperatures?

It will probably be ok. Because it's heating up very quickly it's not spending extended times at high temp before it shuts down. The biggest risks tend to be where the thermal cut-offs in BIOS are disabled and the processor is allowed to run at 80°C for protracted periods.

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