Asus Motherboard USB connection

  Richard 15:25 27 Dec 2007

I have just built a system using an Asus P5K-E motherboard in my old Coolermaster case. The problem I have is trying to connect the onboard USB connections to the front mounted USB sockets. The manual says you should use the Asus Q connector but that was used for the front switches and lights and does not seem to be the right connector configuration. Does anyone know what I need to make this connection

Thank you for any help


  DieSse 15:42 27 Dec 2007

What connections do you have from the frony USB sockets?

  Richard 16:53 27 Dec 2007

The cable I currently have has 5 connections in line it was used in my old set up which was an Asus A7V8 board

  DieSse 12:45 28 Dec 2007

As far as I can see from the two manuals, the USB connectors on the two motherboards you quote are identical.

How many USB ports does your case have at the front?

Are you sure that the 5-pin connector is for the USB ports? - How is it labeled?

  Richard 13:14 28 Dec 2007

There are two USB ports on the front and there is one cable coming from each of the front USB ports with a five hole connector on each.

I found the old user manual for the A7V8 motherboard and they do look to be the same connections but when I built the new board I got an error message that I had connected the USB connector incorrectly. I will have another look but as you say DieSse they do look the same it must be that I connected incorrectly. The problem I have is the 5 pin connector is not labeled. I will have another try.

Thank you

  DieSse 20:47 28 Dec 2007

The five pins are

Ground, Data+, Data-, 5volts and an earth which is generally the cable screen.

Take great care not to put the connectors on the wrong way round - irreparable damage may result.

As the header on the motherboard has only one earth connector, you could just ignore the other one (usually only USB2 connections even bother with the earthed screen) - if you are feeling adventurous, try linking the two bales earths together.

Remember - somehow you got it right on the old board!

PS - I've only called the cable screen "earth" to distinguish it from the normal Ground wire which is always one of the four USB pins.

  DieSse 20:48 28 Dec 2007

PPS - You may be able to tell the "earth" from the others from the look of the actual cable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 28 Dec 2007
  Richard 21:47 28 Dec 2007

Thank you all

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